Un TR o Terrorista es una facción del Counter-Strike Online. Ésta facción es percibida como el "lado malo", mientras que los Anti-Terroristas es el bien.

Componen de varias facciones terroristas más temidas por varios gobiernos, estos planean ataques o conquistas en determinadas ubicaciones en el mundo.


Articulo principal: Phoenix Connexion.

Having established a reputation for killing anyone that gets in their way, the Phoenix Faction is one of the most feared terrorist groups in Eastern Europe. Formed shortly after the breakup of the USSR.

Main article: Elite Crew.

Middle Eastern fundamentalist group bent on world domination.

Main article: Arctic Avengers.

Swedish terrorist faction founded in 1977. Famous for their bombing of the Canadian embassy in 1990.

Main article: Guerrilla Warfare.

A terrorist faction founded in the Middle East, this group has a reputation for ruthlessness. Their disgust for the American lifestyle was demonstrated in their 1982 bombing of a school bus full of Rock and Roll musicians.

Main article: Midwest Militia.

The Midwest Militia is a right-wing extremist movement consisting of formal and informal armed paramilitary groups. This anti-government group was founded in 1993 after the standoff in Waco, Texas.

Main article: Red Beret Condottiere.

Formed in the 1970’s, they were the most dangerous terrorist faction in Europe. Their victims include a high ranking government official and a special forces team in the 70s. NATO’s commander and several important people were also kidnapped or murdered.

Main article: Vigilante Corps.

Well known for their war for independence of a European country and their paramilitary targeting of government facilities.

Main article: National Liberation Campaign.

This group has been famous since the 1950s for their terrorism independence movement against the government. To make money for their cause, they kidnap hostages and rob banks. Since 1960s more than 600 people have lost their lives because of them. Supposedly they are cooperating with Vigilante Corps.

Main article: Asia Red Army.

Their reign of terror started in 1970 when a group of 9 armed terrorists took over an airplane and demanded that to change its destination to North Korea. It's ultimate aim is to spread the theories of Marx/Lenin throughout the world. With this in mind, they begun their attacks on the world.