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Abyss2 (zm_abyss2) is a Zombie Mods map in Counter-Strike Online.


There is a new rescue mission assigned by the headquarter and they confirmed that the survivors are left behind in the building of Rex Research institute B-1. The journey is not that straightforward as the player will need to make a tour through block C before reaching their location.

Beware of the zombies attack and keep a look out at all times, as it can be hiding anywhere in the building. Clear all zombies in the area and save your comrades.

  • Humans - Kill all the zombies and survive.
  • Zombies - Infect all humans.


There are two safe areas in this map:

  • Ducts: There is a long duct in this map which can be passable by two persons. There are two entrances to this duct.
  • Engine room: There are high areas to be camped in this room. Note that there is a button for the light in this room.

Release date[]

M134 gfx K3


  • There are two usable switches for lights.
  • There is a unusable mounted machine gun in this map.
  • Sometimes, you can get stuck when the door is closing.
  • After the Free Update, the large machinaries now emit sounds.

See also[]

  • Abyss, the first map in the abyss series.