Counter Strike Online Indonesia Wiki

Buff Series is a special weapon series in Counter-Strike Online.


The weapons from this series are obtainable by Transcendence Pieces only. Upon collecting 888 pieces, the player can choose 1 of them for permanent.

Following the name, these weapons can provide the user a lot of benefits. Mostly, the benefits are:

  • Increase the attribute of a random skill for human in Zombie Hero.
  • Bestow 5 levels to one of the Character stats for all players in Zombie Scenario mode (max level does not increase).
  • +200% EXP to the owner.
  • +50% EXP to the other players in the room.
  • Unlimited spare ammo in Scenario modes.
  • Sports the hit-markers function.


Artikel utama: AK-47 Paladin
A special assault rifle chambered with 50 rounds of .50 BMG that can push away incoming zombies. It can be fired either in full or semi-automatic.

Artikel utama: M4A1 Dark Knight
A special assault rifle chambered with 50 rounds of .50 BMG. Its secondary fire mode focuses on penetration power.

Artikel utama: AWP Elf Ranger
A sniper rifle fed with 20 rounds of .338 Lapua Magnum specially designed to battle against the zombies. By zooming in, the user can hold on the trigger button charge up the shots.


  • These weapons sport hit-markers, which allows the player to know if he/she hit a target or not, in any game mode. Note that hit-markers are available in Basic mode for all weapons.
  • Similar buff effects are not duplicated if the player owns more than one weapon from this series.
  • This is the first series to bestow a number of buffs to the owner, and even the rest of the players within a room, albeit just a small share for the latter.
  • Players who possess the weapons from Buff Series will have an icon displayed next to their nicknames as well as the room name to notify the others. Furthermore, in the results board all of the players will be shown with a similar icon as a result of the additional EXP, however different for those that don't own one of the weapons.
    • Placing the mouse onto the icon next to a player's nickname will show their buffed weapon in possession, albeit just the first one obtained.