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Room restrict limitfragheChain Grenade is a type of grenade obtainable from Letter Collecting Event in Counter-Strike Online.


Adopted with a warhead of explosion, when thrown, this grenade can inflict continuous massive damage in a wide range.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 28 January 2016.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 2 February 2016.
  • China: 3 February 2016.


  • This is the only grenade so far to be obtained through Letter Collecting Event so far.
  • It is also the only grenade so far in Counter-Strike Online to feature multiple explosions.
  • The letters "SG" and the sentences "COUNTER-STRIKE ONLINE", "NEXON KOREA VALVE" and "CSO USER FIGHTING" can be seen on the grenade's body. The word "FIGHTING" is mainly used as a cheer or encouragement in the eastern cultures.
  • The grenade light textures is not set to additive in game, resulting weird wing-like blue-black light texture.