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Episode Choi (zs_mschoi) is the first chapter of Zombie Scenario Season 6 in Counter-Strike Online.


The story of retrieving Choi Ji Yoon after being captured by a terrorist group.


Terrorist attack and chaotic zombie world. CIA questions this relationship to Asia Red Army by sending off Choi Ji Yoon for an infiltration mission. After a while, the contact with Choi Ji Yoon is lost and...

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 28 July 2016.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong/China: 2 August 2016.
  • Japan: 3 August 2016.

Exclusive reward[]

Bark of Mr. X

Mr x zb back

Mr. mutated Adapting to the human body, such as the shell so that you can use the X-recovery capability. If you are installing from a zombie scenario mode stamina is recovered at a slower rate.


Consider revising
  1. In recent years, Asia Red Army terrorist activity has been exposed.
  2. And in that scene terrorism ever I heard of a zombie sightings.
  3. CIA sends off Choi Ji Yoon for an infiltration mission to know more about Asia Red Army.
  4. Asia Red Army is one of the terrorist organization that supports terrorism.
  5. Awaring this fact, Choi Ji Yoon studies the relationship between zombie outbreak and Asia Red Army activities.
  6. Ritsuka starts to sense something.
  7. Choi Ji Yoon searches deeper to get a more accurate evidence.
  8. Due to lost connection with her, CIA dispatches another secret agent, May, to check with the situation.
  9. On the other hand, Ritsuka is on the move to frame Choi Ji Yon...
Game Start
  1. Ritsuka: We are not far from Choi Ji Yoon.
  2. Asia Red Army: According to the report, advancing Counter-Terrorist units are trying to capture back Choi Ji Yoon.
  3. Ritsuka: Counter-Terrorist units? It's really annoying.
  4. Ritsuka: Well, it's not a big problem to deal with these worms.
  5. Ritsuka: Catch the rat and make it is visible. Hurry up, guys!
Parking Lot
  1. Asia Red Army: Oh, shit! Zombies' flocking from the bottom!
  2. Ritsuka: Bunch of bugs... It's supposed to be the best place to do experiment. It's getting annoying.
  3. Ritsuka: Idiots, just finish them all already!
Shutter Operation
  1. Ritsuka: The shutter is opened! Hurry up!
  2. Ritsuka: Open another shutter! We are not going to be food for the zombies here!
Parking Truck Scene
  1. Mr. X: Welcome, Ritsuka! I would like to talk to you in personal.
  2. Ritsuka: Another loud guy appeared. Just who are you?
  3. Mr. X: Sorry that you don't know me, huhu...
  4. Ritsuka: Are you with us?
  5. Mr. X: I'm with the President. Call me X.
  6. Mr. X: Huhu... Ritsuka, let's get going to the scene.
  7. Mr. X: It seems they got a very good data there.
  8. Ritsuka: I'm kinda busy here. You are not going to disturb me.
  9. Ritsuka: If you are planning to stop me, I will make you the dinner for the zombies.
  10. Mr. X: Huhu, do not worry. Rather, I'll be a lot to help.
  11. Mr. X: You are looking for Choi Ji Yoon, right? Follow this way.
  12. Mr. X: Let's meet again, Ritsuka.
First Safe Zone
  1. Ritsuka: What a lucky day. If I follow this instructions...
Floor Collapse
  1. Ritsuka: The floor is covered with corpses.
  2. Asia Red Army: It seems like it's raided by the zombies.
  3. Ritsuka: Let's resolve this.
  4. Ritsuka: We will be crushed like worms. Break through to the top.
Safe Zone 2
  1. Mr. X: Great job, Ritsuka.
  2. Ritsuka: Is that you? Hey, they are on offensive.
  3. Mr. X: Please calm down, I have two good news for you.
  4. Ritsuka: Good news?
  5. Mr. X: Choi Ji Yoon is waiting for a helicopter at the square nearby.
  6. Ritsuka: It is a matter when it's already confirmed. No good! Continue to hear it!
  7. Mr. X: let's go, Ritsuka.
  8. Mr. X: Another thing is, the president has prepared a small gift for you.
  9. Mr. X: Choi Ji Yoon used as a useful catch ended two years in tightly sealed containers to square things.
  10. Ritsuka: Hmm ... it'll be better prepared to keep as a gift does not meet expectations.
  1. Ritsuka: Choi Ji Yoon! The rat! I finally meet you!
  2. Choi Ji Yoon: Ritsuka? Did you follow me?
  3. Ritsuka: Of course. Did I want to let the two star spying on our organization rodent.
  4. Choi Ji Yoon: Damn Ritsuka.
Battle Square
  1. Ritsuka: That 's quite choejiyun than you think.
  2. Asian Red Army: When the fighting continued in this condition gets hit us.
  3. Ritsuka: Should you use the gifts that guy said? There you must manipulate the low cranes.
C4 crane destroyed wall
  1. Ritsuka: Crane destroy the controls on!
Crane control equipment destroyed
  1. Asian Red Army: it destroys the controls! Crane is gonna fall. Watch all
Phobos and container crashed release
  1. Choi Ji Yoon: Isn't that...?!
  2. Ritsuka: You're done hunting, rat.
  3. Asia Red Army: still attached to the hide. Terminate the organization traitor.
  4. Ritsuka: No. Be captured. The parties should know that the more you know the secret of our organization.
  5. Mr. X: (Jjakjjakjjak) Congratulations. Ritsuka. You have captured Choi Ji Yoon.
  6. Ritsuka: Hmm jyeotgun debt. . Yideoksun useful stuff than I thought.
  7. Mr. X: You're welcome, Ritsuka. Glad syeotdani de gift like this.
  8. Ritsuka: Speaking of gifts. That would truly useful. Can you show more than that?
  9. Mr. X: Huhu, of course I can. I had to come before the President's escort for discrete.
  10. Ritsuka: President's Day?
  11. Mr. X: That's right. President ever wanted to see the reputation of discrete hearing.
  12. Mr. X: To help the desperate minutes in the same discrete president because of business.
  13. Mr. X: character! So Let's go see the President.
  14. Ritsuka: We help not only the landscaping may not subtract me. Be good guide.

Start Narration
  1. Choi Ji Yoon captivity to discrete is imprisoned in a secret facility in Asia enemy waves.
  2. Meanwhile, Mei was monitored choejiyun is learned that the choejiyun activities to prevent terrorism.
  3. Mei there is a discrete choejiyun to capture the context syuka caught and mounted the rescue plan ...
  4. Mei: I know what the truth is chasing choejiyun.
  5. Mei: not yet heulreoteo kidnapped a few days. Anateoya would be too late.
Beginning of the Infiltration
  1. Secret Agent: Nope something nasty to enter yeogan
  2. Mei: But I'm glad I can be a particular position in the Asian SNS de Red Army unit.
  3. Secret Agent: What is true terrorists SNS ...
  4. Mei: I can't.The high and the water level through the sewer entry is longer.
  5. Secret Agent: So that'd be exceeded more than the front.
  6. Secret Agent: According to the information sseuindago do this building as a prison near'll also choejiyun.
  7. Mei: I'm using a C4 enters the building.
After entering the building demolished C4
  1. Secret Agent: Zombies are on a secret facility in Asia enemy waves ?!
  2. Secret Agent: I do not know if this is such a state that the US How come I am going to risk safety of choejiyun.
  3. Mei: I find choejiyun hurry, come on!
  4. Mei: It's electronic security devices. I'm talking about that near the locks. I have got released.
  5. System: Phase 1 security released.
  6. System: Phase 2 security released.
  7. System: Phase 3 security released.
  8. The system: Turn off the security system.
  9. May: Choi Ji Yoon! I came to the rescue. Are you okay?!
  10. Choejiyun: What's on give out a lot of noisy dream he never thought to rescue me.
  11. Choejiyun: Thank you very much.
  12. Secret Agent: Although still early to thank you. Now Escape begun.
  13. Mei: That's right. I just can not break through this face to face in order to escape,
  14. Secret Agent: guys in a hurry leaving here before coming together. Hurry.
  15. TIP: choejiyun moves along the rescued player.
Safe Zone 1
  1. May: choejiyun. Infiltrate the enemy wave Asia to tell me the facts learned.
  2. Choejiyun: I'm the one who's pulling sponsored by the Red Army in Asia.
  3. Choejiyun: gave hers to a huge funding through the Red Army and the terrorist activities in Asia.
  4. Mei: The person who controls the terrorists?
  5. Choejiyun: Yes. Just a global logistics company. Kronos chairman. Douglas's Jacob.
  6. May: Douglas Jacob!?
  7. Choejiyun: Yes. He just supports a variety of terrorist organizations, and I'm one who caused terror in the world!
  8. Choejiyun:'ll use these conflict situations could accumulate enormous wealth in their businesses.
  9. Choejiyun: Not only that, he stretched out his hand to hit than its competitors to get ahead should not be doing as human beings.
  10. Choejiyun: I'll start developing biological weapons, such as zombies and sell it to terrorists.
  11. May: in this world happens ...
  12. Choejiyun: I was a need to examine whether and how many are connected to terrorist groups.
  13. Mei: So I arbitrarily 's your yieogan the investigation.
  14. Choejiyun: Yes. I think poetry is haeteunikkayo class.
  15. Secret Agent: rogun really great story. But we'm poetry seemed urgent. I'll hurry.
Crane parts facility
  1. Asian Red Army: The guys tried to escape. Prevent!
  2. Mei: I'm all beware
Safe Zone 2
  1. Mei: Hugh took a sigh stone. Now I left not long to escape.
  2. Choejiyun: I like to attend this suffering because of me. I'm so sorry.
  3. Mei: I will be sorry. Rather dwaeteuni find a sincere thanks to you.
  4. Mei: I prepare a response to the Douglas back as Jacob.
  5. Secret Agent: rogun helicopter. When using at that. Can I get out of here.
  6. Mei: I'll open a Find from the ceiling around the device.
Open ceiling system
  1. System: WARNING! Of the security system works. You need to turn off the security system.
  2. Mei: I have somewhere to prevent the ceiling opening by remote control.
  3. Secret Agent: If you're not a professional like our CIA. Haebojago hacking.
Of hacking (120 seconds)
  1. Secret Agent: getgu take some time until distant hacking. In the meantime I have to remove all those guys.
  2. Choejiyun: Be careful, everyone.
Hacking completed - opening of the ceiling
  1. System: ceiling starts opening.
  2. System: Ceiling open system reboot. Ceiling closed
  3. Secret Agent: No What's going on?
  4. Mr. X: Ahhh. Mike test. .
  5. May: What are you talking about?
  6. Mr. X: Listen well have rodent. You can not ever get out of this.
  7. Secret Agent: Where are! This guy! La reveal the identity!
  8. Mr. X: After huhut. I have a control room in the basement. Here not plan to control your life.
  9. Mr. X: If you want to escape Come down to the basement. After the two guys have given huhut grave already prepared
  10. Secret Agent: To escape somehow gonna have to go to the underground military hand-to-ceiling open systems.
  11. May: choejiyun. You wait here. We'll go down and resolve Oh.
  12. Choejiyun: I'm ready to fight. I'll be something to help.
  13. Mei: No. You do not yet fully conditioned. Do not worry about this is that it may be resolved
  14. Choejiyun: So I can not help it. I'll be keeping this place around here to stay.
  15. May: Yes. I'll just come back.
  16. Secret Agent: Now you heard everyone? It's time to go underground and be smashed guys. Hurry up.

Map 3 Boss
  1. Mr. X: Ohdani obediently down to the grave. I think haguna than stupid.
  2. Secret Agent: noisy. Here's a guy would be a grave of four.
  3. Mr. X: After'm Rob huhut plasticizer. Painfully not kill you.
  4. Mr. X: The guys dare you!
  5. Secret Agent: hagun seemed now ended. Now let's hurry to escape this place.
  6. Mr. X: escape? One think I'll be out of here guys
  7. Mr. X: Not over yet. I'll show you hell.
Flashing floor
  1. May: the floor is not alarming. Everybody watch out!
Floor explosion - black out - cut scenes - Boss
  1. Mei: That's no alternative!
  2. Mr. X: The president gave Zuma seonsahae death to you as a powerful force!
  3. Secret Agent: it seems to be a tough fight than ever before. Both mental charyeora tight!
MX2000 When congestion - that are added to the code
  1. Mr. X: Congestion operating sequence!
  2. May: I'm recovering from a guy in the water! I'm concentrating firepower comes out!
After the game
  1. Spy: Whew, I'm finally seems endless.
  2. Mei: Now turn off the security device and go back to choejiyun.



  • This is the first chapter to include human bots in Zombie Scenario.
  • This is also the the first chapter that requires the players to escort an NPC to safety.
    • If you not escort an NPC Choi Ji Yoon to the next area, the map sequence will not continue to proceed.
  • Some parts of this chapter resemble a part of Half-Life maps in "Forget About Freeman!", Surface Tension, Interloper and Residue Processing. While other parts of this map resemble Another Truth, Encounter and Siege.
  • According to system code and map name, the map name from "Episode Choi Ji Yoon" to "Episode Choi". And system code is zs_mschoi means "Message Choi".
  • This is also the forth Zombie Scenario chapter that consists only 1 round.