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Estate (cs_estate) is an official hostage rescue map in Counter-Strike series.


Counter-Terrorist team must enter the mansion through several ways: the main door, several windows and an underground sewer. There are 2 switches which can be used to light or shut the lamps, one for basement and the other for the second floor. There are walls with ladders for overview and sniping purposes.



  • In one of Terrorist Spawn area, there's an Easter Egg written about where Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist come from. It says: "CT's are from Venus" and "Terrorists are from Mars".
  • A picture of real brand cigarette, Camel, can be found inside The Billiard room.
  • In Counter-Strike 1.6, there is a table inside behind the main door that can be destroyed.
  • There is a bot bug where the bots will recognize a yellow table (Upper Floor) as an enemy and keep shooting the yellow table.
  • There is a usable doorbell at the front door, also a switch in the back of the mansion to turn off the light.
  • This map is the successor of Counter-Strike beta map cs_mansion.