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Don't ever judge me, pitiful humans! It's time for you to go to hell!
- Laser Wing's threat in Omen chapter

Laser Wing is a boss in Counter-Strike Online.


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Laser Wing appeared in Omen chapter to engage the players when they entered his turf, Jennifer accused him for being a victim of the Super Soldier Project, but Laser Wing told her not to judge him due to her being human and started to attack the players. Laser Wing will utter different quotes as he perform different attacks.

After being defeated, Laser Wing planned to show the players the truth about the Super Soldier Project, but presumably either accidental or betrayal, someone shot Laser Wing to death.


  • Dash: Laser Wing will strike the player to inflict damage.
  • Locusts summon: Laser Wing will summon swarms of locust.
  • Meteor kick: Laser Wing will fly high to the sky and strike down with a powerful kick.
  • Jump: Laser Wing will jump high to the skyscrapers.



  • This is the third boss that can fly after Angra and AMP Suit.
  • Although this boss has its message picture file, it won't show up in the game.
  • This is the most agile boss ever in Zombie Scenario so far.
  • There was a bug in the boss round where sometimes, Laser Wing would get stuck in the place between a tree and a skyscraper. Players can take advantage of this bug to defeat him easily. It was fixed in later updates.
  • This is the second Z-Virus mutant that is able to gain consciousness after Dr. Rex.
  • Laser Wing's locusts shared the same model with Gluttony's companion insects.