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Last Ride (zs_lastride) or Last Flight is the final chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 5 in Counter-Strike Online.


While finding the truth, Jennifer's team encounter a new enemy, another Cronobotic.

Map info[]

Story of Jennifer encountering a new enemy while listening the truth from Soy.


  • Soy reveals the truth, now players must protect each other in order to come back safely from the pursuers.


  • Trace the mission area by following the clues hinted on the map.
  • Press E key where [E] is displayed, it will be activated.
  • Destroy the glowing walls to continue the game.


Jennifer encounters a new cronobotic enemy when she's about to know the truth from Soy. The crisis comes and she risks her life to protect her team from the tentacious pursuers.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 28 January 2016.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 2 February 2016.
  • China: 3 February 2016.
  • Japan: 10 February 2016.

Rare drop[]

Crono Wing's wings Costume

A costume that was remade by the highly machined wings of Crono Wing. Jump height will increase by 20% and damage from falling will decrease by 20% when equipped in Zombie Scenario.


Jennifer's monologue
Jennifer msg
Doctora 9 msg
  1. Jennifer: I escaped from the Institute...
  2. Jennifer: And it was soon before encountering numerous events...
  3. Jennifer: Laser Wing.. Researcher Soy.. Super Soldier project.. And Jack...
  4. Jennifer: It's hard to deal with a lot of things approached...
  5. Jennifer: But now, I hear the truth from Researcher Soy...
Game starts
  1. Jennifer: Researcher Soy. Now, tell me the whole truth.
  2. Soy: Jennifer, I'm sorry for what happened to you and Jack.
  3. Soy: But now we're facing a bigger crisis than that.
  4. Jennifer: You mean the monster?!
  5. Jennifer: Do you know what the hell is going on?
  6. Soy: I don't really know. But I'm not your enemy.
  7. Soy: Now believe and follow me. Returning to headquarters, we will understand everything.
Drones appeared
  1. Pilot: A lot of enemies emerges behind!
  2. Soy: It is too dangerous! Let's open the door!
  3. Soy: Kronos company's reconnaissance drones! Attack them!
Boss appeared after the cutscene
  1. Crono Wing: I found you! Those grasshoppers... my little reward was released!!
  2. Jennifer: Researcher Soy, what is that monster again?
  3. Soy: It's true that we must join together to against the enemy, Jennifer!
Boss's 6-missile Skills
  1. Crono Wing: Grasshoppers... watch this! Try to stop my attack!
Boss's 18-missile Skills
  1. Crono Wing: This is the end! Let surrender in front of the Douglas's power!!
Boss 30% HP (30 seconds remains)
  1. Crono Wing: Grasshoppers... See you soon...
  2. Jennifer: She is defeated!
  3. Soy: Whew... Good. Let get out of here.
Shake gases
  1. Pilot: Oh! The fuel tank just has been suspended due to the attack!
  2. Pilot: We must have a crash landing! Everyone, let prepare for a shock!
  3. Jennifer: Ahahahah!!
Round clear after the blackout!!

Round 2 starts
Doctora 9 msg
Jennifer msg
  1. Soy: Jennifer! Are you safe?
  2. Jennifer: Well... um... Where is this?
  3. Soy: We've been distress. The helicopter is no longer able to work, but our life is more important.
  4. Soy: I'm requesting for your fellows near here.
  5. Forces Leader: (crackle) Here is the Forces Leader, we are in front of an abandoned military facility. Over!
  6. Soy: We found the signal! Great. Gonna be able to contact with the headquarters!
After a container, zombies spawn
  1. Soy: Zombies appeared! Come to refuge inside the building across the street!
Near a door with padlock
  1. Soy: It has been locked! Look around to find the key!
Safe Zone - Start
  1. Forces Leader: This facility was abandoned.
  2. Forces Leader: Let's go out of here after rearranging!
Door opens
Before installing C4
  1. Forces Leader: Another dead end street. It seems to be thick enough to use the C4.
After installing C4
  1. Forces Leader: I installed the C4!
Before C4 explodes
  1. Forces Leader: C4 will explode soon! Everyone back!
After gathering at XT-300 space
  1. Soy: Oh my God.. This facility was associated with the XT-300.
  2. Jennifer: Look at this! Its status is not bad. Wouldn't it be safe to use?
  3. Soy: Jennifer... We've never been training to handle them, could we suddenly deal with this?
  4. Soy: They are functioned properly.. I don't know if we can afford to do that...
  5. Forces Leader: It seems that the training facilities for the XT-300 operating at the front...
  6. Soy: here is a control tower and communication facilities. I don't know if it is able to send an emergency signal.
  7. Soy: Jennifer, I'll see you at the communication facilities to ensure that there are enough space for the rescue team.

Starting at a vacant lot
Doctora 9 msg
Jennifer msg
  1. Soy: (crackle) Jennifer, this is incendiary. I get a little problem to send an emergency signal.
  2. Jennifer: (crackle) What's the problem?
  3. Soy: (crackle) The transmitting sensitivity will take a long time.
  4. Soy: (crackle) I need to operate the transmitting equipment, watch me from the zombies.
  5. Forces Leader: Looking around this place to confirm that the rockets are ready to use everywhere.
  6. Soy: (crackle) I operate the equipment. Hang in there until the headquarters answer me!
Juggernaut appeared
  1. Forces Leader: The Juggernaut! Concentrate your firepower!
Juggernaut died
Kill all the zombies, stop spawning ridiculously, specified multi-manager calling (doors open)
  1. Soy: Headquarters has received the emergency signal.
  2. Jennifer: It's been cleaned up here, too.
  3. Soy: We'll wait for a rescue helicopter.
  4. Forces Leader: Everybody get in the elevator.

Boss appeared with the beginning cutscene
Doctora 9 msg
  1. Crono Wing: Grasshopper..! I've been waited for a long time. Are you kidding me..?
Boss 80% HP (guided missile attack)
  1. Crono Wing: Fail to stop me.. Are you sick..?
Boss died
  1. Crono Wing: Ahhhh... Douglas... Today.. is my last flight...
  2. Soy: Jennifer, this is the enemy we are looking for.
  3. Soy: Douglas Jacob is the character who stands behind Dr. Rex's research and his death.
  4. Soy: I'm joining the forces to fight him. I need your strength, Jennifer.
Adding strings of boss battles
  1. Crono Wing: Ah.. My elegant wings.. Let speed up?
  2. Crono Wing: Um.. yeah.. more.. faster and stronger.
  3. Crono Wing: I'll have maximum speed from my partner!
  4. Crono wing: Be burned into ashes with the power he gives to me!
  5. Crono Wing: Let see if you can avoid my attack!
  6. Crono Wing: Kneel in front of Douglas's power!


  • Following the strings, the name for this map is "Last Flight", which tells about the last flight of Crono Wing.
  • Some parts of this chapter resemble Surface Tension from Half-Life, The Package and Conclusion from Half-Life: Opposing Force. While other parts resemble Blaze, Shoreline and Bunny Yard.
  • There are many usable Bazookas that can be picked up and 2 non-working XT-300 Goliaths in map 1.
  • This is the third chapter in Zombie Scenario that features three different map icons and three loading backgrounds for each.
  • This is the fourth chapter in Zombie Scenario to feature multiple maps after Omen, Memories and Another Truth.
  • Players will be crushed if standing within the area where Crono Wing will land after her defeat.
  • Even though the players combat with Chrono Wing in an Osprey in Part 1A, it is shown as a crushed Black Hawk in Part 1B.
  • In boss arena, if you slash the ground at the center of the map with Wakizashi, SKULL-9, Green Dragon Blade or Storm Giant Warhammer, a strange blood will come out. This easter egg also can be performed in Trap and Culvert.