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Letter Collecting Event is a special event in Counter-Strike Online Indonesia.


During this event, the player will receive a special tasks to receive letter cards. Usually the tasks will be like this:

  • Card 1: Log in to the game.
  • Card 2: Play for the given period.
  • Card 3: Collect the given kill points.
  • Card 4: Can be obtained from Code Box.


Main article: Ripper.

The Ripper is capable to do extreme damage in a short time. It uses 200 liters of gasoline as its ammunition. Once it runs out, only the secondary fire mode can be used. The secondary fire mode makes a horizontal slash and inflicts high knockback against multiple targets while not using up any gasoline.


Alphabet Task
Ripper B Log in within the event period.
Ripper A Play for 300 minutes cumulatively.
Ripper R Collect 8000 Kill Points.
Ripper U Can be obtained rarely from Code Box.

Horse Axe
Main article: Horse Axe.

Horse axe is a Lunar New Year weapon version of Tomahawk. It was released alongside the Horse Year and can be obtained via Letter Collecting Event. It sports a different animation for each attack.


Alphabet Task
Textl01 axe Log in to receive
Textl02 axe Play for 150 minutes
Textl03 axe 2015 kills
Horse 5 Code Box

MP7A1 Unicorn
Main article: MP7A1 Unicorn.

MP7A1 Unicorn is the Lunar New Year Weapon version of MP7A1, it can be obtained via Letter Collecting Event. It shares the same performances as the ordinary counterpart except that it lacks the semi-auto mode.


Alphabet Task
Unicorn I Obtain 10 minutes of play time daily, 7 times total
Unicorn D Log in on the specified dates


Main article: Black Dragon Cannon.

The Black Dragon Cannon is capable of firing 20 explosive Cannon Rounds which detonate within the targeted area creating a large volcano-like explosion that deals tremendous damage to anything in its radius. Also, the weapon's gun barrel is built short, granting excellent mobility in combat.


Alphabet Task
AlphabetB Log in within the event period.
AlphabetA Play for 5 hours cumulatively.
AlphabetR Collect 8000 Kill Points.
AlphabetU Can be obtained rarely from Code Box.

TMP Dragon
Main article: TMP Dragon.

A dragon-themed variant of TMP which can be only obtained via special events of New Year. It has a built-in silencer. It can be purchased by the Terrorist too.


Number Task
Textl01 Log in to the game.
0 Play for 2 hours and 30 minutes during this event.
Number1 Collect 2014 Kill Points.
Number4 Can be obtained from Code Box.