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Military Box or M BOX is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


Military Box is given during certain events. The players must complete certain objective to own it or doing top-up. Opening a Military Box will give you the following items (10 days):

Boomerzombi gfx Residentzombi gfx Deadlyshot Meleeup


Taiwan/Hong Kong

Military Box was introduced during the Kite event in 2012. shooting one Kite down will give you one box. You can get these weapons (3 ~ 10 days): M14 EBR, M134 Minigun, M4A1, Remington M24, M79 Saw off and MG3.


Military Box was introduced on 8 May 2013 alongside Barrett M95, Angel City and Time Bomb event. The player can get this box by Top-up voucher.


  • You cannot redeem Military Box more than once.