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Nightmare adalah map Zombie Scenario extra di Counter-Strike Online.


Kill boss zombie that appears in each round.


  • Can purchase or upgrade weapons by pressing B keyboard button in the shop area.
  • You can recover HP by pressing 5 and 6 keyboard button and R keyboard button to use battle revival.
  • If your team is annihilated and failed the mission, you can press R keyboard button to use round retry item.
  • There is a maximum dollar benefit to the person who uses the round retry item.
  • Ranking is only recorded if you select $800 as a minimum possession amount. (Unable to use item related with revival)
  • If you clear the round with survival status, you can receive more bonus for the round clear.


Nightmare Key[]

Main article: Nightmare key.

A key with strong zombies' energy surrounding it. Looks like the key holder will be falling into deep sleep where the fearsome nightmare await. Can play Nightmare map if the room host holds this item. There is a 50% chance to obtain the this item if you cleared any Zombie Scenario: Season 1 maps.



  • Tidak ada Host dan Voodoo Zombie apapun.
  • Jika sudah selesai, tidak dapat Honornya.
  • Hadiah akan dikasih 2 buah.