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Requiem is a Zombie Mods map in Counter-Strike Online.


Long time ago, travelers were remembering this place as a small and peaceful village. Until, they have got punishment for the cruel and gloomy history...

The place became dark with a horrible smell and the town has been occupied by walking corpses. Survivors had no choice but they should throw away the town to escape. Yesterday’s our beloved family, friend and colleague. Now, they are changed to monster starving for blood and everything has been changed.

Play requiem for the cursed spirits in this place where even alive things are already dead!

Human: Must kill walking corpses and the people infected by them completely. Forget about the love with family, friend and colleague but only think about survival! They will understand us...

Zombie: Human.. has been appeared.. They are attacking us....

Release date[]

This map was added to Beast mode on 2 January 2014 alongside Port and Balrog-IX.