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Reservation tickets are exclusive items in Counter-Strike Online for some regions only (especially Taiwan/Hong Kong).


The reservation tickets allow players to buy a specific weapon even though it is not released yet. The players will also get a price discount.

List of Reservation Tickets[]

Reservation Ticket Weapon
Balrog5coupon Balrog5
Balrog9coupon Balrog9
Balrog3coupon Balrog3
Skull4coupon Skull4
Skull8coupon Skull8
Skull6coupon SK6 Buypic
Janus5coupon Janus-5
Janus7coupon JANUS7 icon
Janus9coupon Janus9
Janus11coupon Janus11
Petrolboomeralldecoderbox75p Petrol boomer
Janus3coupon Janus3


  • The word "永久; yǒng jiǔ" in each reservation ticket means "Permanent".
  • After purchasing the Reservation Ticket, the player will receive the weapon immediately upon its release day.
  • The Reservation Ticket is only available for 1 week before the specific weapon is released in shop.
  • Petrol Boomer is the first non Anti-Zombie weapon to be featured in a Reservation Ticket.