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Sentry Gun is an item exclusive to Human Scenario in Counter-Strike Online.


This machine can be placed on the ground by players to assist them in thinning down enemy personnel. It has weak health power but very effective in engaging enemies. Pressing 7 will deploy them, and there is a 30 seconds delay before more sentries can be placed.

Sentry Gun shoots with a low rate of fire (like a sniper). It usually takes two shots to eliminate light-armored enemies. The player that sets up a Sentry Gun will receive money reward every time an enemy is killed by the sentry. A maximum of 10 sentries combined with other players' sentries can be placed in a single map.

Sentry Guns that are not destroyed by the enemy will self-destruct after a few minutes.


Desert Storm[]

  • Set up Sentry Guns at Round 6 and above.
  • Do not place Sentry Gun on widely open areas.
  • Never place it on the small ramp, which can block other players.
  • Put as many as you could when battling with Comanche as they can help damaging Comanche a lot.


  • Do not place the Sentry Gun in compact and small area, because it will block the passage. Jump onto the Sentry Gun if it blocks you.
  • Sentry Guns are strong in aiding you in battling Vanguards in the final area before Round 2 starts.
  • Hide behind a Sentry Gun to receive less damage.



This item was released alongside Walther WA2000, Saab AT4 and Desert Storm on March 21, 2012.


This item was released alongside Desert Storm, Saab AT4, Criss and Yuri on May 3, 2012.


This item was released alongside Desert Storm and AT4 on 6 June 2013.


This item was released alongside Human Scenario and WA2000 on 19 March 2014.

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies[]

This item was released alongside Human Scenario and Open Beta Test.


  • Its in-game model is directly lifted from Half-Life HD Definition Pack's Sentry Gun.
  • Its HUD icon depicts the Ceiling Turret, which is not used anywhere in the Human Scenario maps. The depicted turret instead appears as a Tier 3 Gatling Sentry.