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Silencer merupakan sebuah attachment dalam Counter-Strike Online.


Silencer dapat dipasang pada sesetengah senjata dan terdapat juga yang sudah dipasang. Senjata dalam Counter-Strike Online yang dilengkapi silencer ialah:

HK USP45[]

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Main article: USP45.

This 12 round, .45 caliber pistol has a good balance of penetration power and accuracy rate, and is the basic weapon for Counter-Terrorists. Additionally you can attach a silencer to it.

Colt M4A1[]

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Main article: M4A1.

This 30 round, 5.56 mm assault rifle has the right balance between accuracy and penetration power and its restrictions are more convenient than others.

Steyr TMP[]

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Main article: TMP.

This 30 round, 9 mm shot sub-machine gun is quiet and good for a fast assault, but never forget that its penetration power is weak.

Kriss Super V[]

Main article: Kriss Super V.

This is an American sub-machine gun chambered with 30 rounds of .45 ACP. It boasts stable accuracy and low recoil with high damage. Kriss Super V can be attached with silencer for stealth mission.


Main article: HK416.

This is an assault rifle holds 30 rounds for each round with 5.56 mm. It has been developed by cooperating with Delta Force to replace the obsolete M4. It uses the gas piston method and means for multi-purpose usage with its modularized system. This item is only available for players above Level 54.