Counter Strike Online Indonesia Wiki

Studio is an interactive community-based mode in Counter-Strike Online.


Hinted since 6 months before its actual release in OBT (Open Beta Test), this long-awaited mode is a mode that enables the player to build their own maps and share it with others. There are six existing maps available and built with this mode for player's references.

Release date[]

  • South Korea:
    • 11 May ~ 1 June 2017 (Beta Test)
    • 13 July 2017 (Official Release)
  • CSN:Z: 29 November 2017.


Weapons that can be spawned in Studio mode:

Publishing your map[]

When your map is done, you can publish it for everyone to play. Mileage Points are not needed in order to be published. For cheering the map maker, you can send cheer cubes which the map maker can be convert them into mileage points.

  • For every 10 cubes used, 1 mileage point is required.
  • Devices, characters, and decorations come with their own cube costs.
  • The cubes that make up flat starter maps' grounds do not contribute to this cost.
  • Publishing and allowing copying costs 1.5x as much mileage.
  • You can host your own map without publishing.

Modes available[]

You can select the modes that will run in your map. It can either:

  • Studio Play Mode: It's a diverse map that you can put any interactions you want. Remember to put Round Clear flag.
  • Studio Zombie Hero: You can put your map with Zombie Hero rules.
  • Studio Team Deathmatch: You can put your map with Team Deathmatch rules.
  • Studio Bot Zombie: You can put your map with Bot Zombie rules. Remember to put bot safe area.
  • Studio Bot Team Deathmatch: You can put your map with Team Deathmatch rules with bots.



  • The dialogue from the CSO Comics #1 to #3 is lifted from the rather infamous Doom comic, as stated in the map description.
  • This mode is likely to be influenced by a popular sandbox game, Garry's Mod.
  • Unlike Valve Hammer Editor, this mode does not support curve splicing. Objects in it are in larger ratios.
  • This mode is similar to an open source game, Cube and Cube 2: Sauerbraten with the Edit mode.
  • Studio Mode has been in development since the start of 2016. As a result, updates slowed down in 2016 up until its release in 2017. The only new mode that was added during this time was Playroom.