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Survivor is a bomb defuse map in Counter-Strike Online.


  • Terrorists: Bomb Truck or Crashed plane.
  • Counter-Terrorists: Prevent the Terrorists from bombing.
  • Storyline: In a heavy snowstorm a plane carrying a top secret load gets in trouble. The on-board guard parachute to safety. They recover the crashed plane and start unloading the cargo into a captured truck. But the weather plays a second trick as heavy snowfall prevent the SWAT-team from getting the entire cargo over to the truck.

Terrorist have tracked the plane as well and in an attempt to prevent the Swat-Team from escaping with their valuable load they set a plan to bomb the two possible locations of the load.


  • This is an original Counter-Strike map.
  • There is a crate showing, "The Only Crate in the Map".
  • The cargo plane is branded as, "The Oops Flight".