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Ultimate Slayer Set adalah periode waktu yang singkat penawaran khusus di Counter-Strike Online. Album ini dirilis hanya berjarak 19 Mei sampai 1 Juni yang sama bersama dengan modus baru, Zombie: The Mutation.


Jika player membeli set ini bisa mendapatkan M134 Minigun Permanent, Strong Lifepower, Excellent Genes, Bomb Specialist dan Gruesome Assassin Set selama 30 hari.

M134 Minigun[]


Main article: M134 Minigun.

With its supreme rate of fire combined with 200 round, 7.62 mm, all the shortcomings of this mini gun can be gladly overlooked. Although it has some limitation for its fire due to its size, its capacity of fast speed for the consecutive fire will overwrite its shortage.

Nata Knife[]


Main article: Nata Knife.

This item can only be used in Zombie: Mutation, Zombie: Hero and Zombie: Union. This beautifully curved single-blade knife is designed to enhance its range and damage, the usual shortcomings of this type of weapons.