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[18:32] To skip all the way to the part where New Stuff was released in Shop and a couple of new Medals. But If you watch the whole video, then you have just earn yourself a "Best Supporter" Medal!

The objective of this mode is to score goals. Offside and foul are used in this mode. However, opponents can be killed and after three seconds of their death, they will respawn. By clicking the Left Mouse Button Shift, a tackle will be initiated by your character. Sprinting uses stamina shown in the stamina gauge and can be executed by holding Shift. To pass a ball to another character, simply press Right Mouse Button.

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  • Soccer

    Soccer เป็นโหมด fun ใน Counter-Strike Online ภารกิจของโหมดนี้ คือการทำประตู เหมือนกติกาฟุตบอล...


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