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A quick look at the anticipated Zombie 4: Darkness mode that claims to balance up both teams.

WHAT'S NEW: • Dark City map • Total damage and score counter • New voice announcer and team winning templates • M2 Browning machine gun(secondary fire deploys the weapon) • Redesigned zombies(NORMAL, LIGHT and HEAVY)

SKILLS: - Human(Foot kick, Concentrated fire, Dash) - Normal zombie(Climb on walls, sprint with reduced defence) - Light zombie(Pounce from a distance, become semi-invisible with reduced defence) - Heavy zombie(Ground stomp, Increase defence and reduce knockback but slower footspeed) - Night stalker zombie(Rush with increased defence and health, better leaping/ pouncing ability than the Light zombie)

GAMEPLAY: - Still based on a time-limited round(3 minutes or more) - The human team doesn't have any Hero/ Heroine - During the darkness phase, zombies become much stronger by regenerating health and higher defence - Both humans and zombies have a stamina gauge, which allows them to perform specific skills before recharging. - Zombies won't evolve by taking damage nor recover HP by standing still. - Zombies will respawn until they're killed with a headshot. They can also be stunned temporarily. - Random weapons are spawned in certain areas. - At the near end of every round, there will be supplies dropped by helicopters. Zombies will be slowed down temporarily until they've passed the map. - Only NORMAL, LIGHT and HEAVY zombies are selectable - A random infected zombie can transform into a NIGHT STALKER

Due to the latency issues, you can see the lag so bear with me.

VERDICT: Unlike the trailer, Z4D is a letdown as it's basically Zombie Mode 3 but with some tweaks. The "day" isn't bright and night passes by quickly.

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