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Also known as Zombie Boss game mode, human players battle against the zombie bosses. Extracting the similar game mechanics from The Hidden mode, the player that deals the most damage or kills one of the bosses will be chosen as it(with the countdown)

In addition, human players can also transform into the Goliath mecha whenever they deal sufficient damage(shown on the progress bar near the bottom left corner). Having 3000 HP and 500 Armor Points, the primary fire is a barrage of missiles while secondary fire lets out a stream of hot lead. A defeated Goliath will revert back to human upon respawn.

Boasting a whopping 32000HP/ 2000 Armor Points and 32000HP/ 6000 Armor Points respectively, players can use Dione and F.Titan's skills at their disposal: ★DIONE★ Primary: Swipe Secondary: Circular motion swipe (1) Curl and roll to another direction (2) Spew toxic which travels a good distance (3) Tentacle attacks from the ground

★FALLEN TITAN★ Primary and secondary: Swipe attacks (1) Long distance dash (2) Launch a barrage of missiles at the targeted area (3) Hurls landmines in a 360 degree arc

Game ends when either team reaches the designated score.

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