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Zombie original is a game no one plays anymore. Why? Because the zombie is easy to kill as weapons are getting stronger and more accurate. So if humans hide in a good spot like the duct, zombies have no way to kill them. It's easy for the zombie to play if the map has a lot of open area. If the map has a lot of tunnel and hiding spot, zombies will have a hard time. Anyway, in this mode, the zombie cannot evolve or heal. You cannot bring flash bang and smoke grenade to the game. Weapons are free to get at the start of each round. In zombie original, if you are a zombie, you will have a bad time. If you are a human, you will have a very good time, because human just need to camp on one side and to watch where the zombie will pop up while zombie need to use clever tactics and luck to kill a human. Anyway, the nly way to counter the humans in duct is to kill the humans outside and kill all the way through the duct. Don't try to get in from the back, because if a human has a powerful weapon, you will get killed easily and you won't kill anyone. Zombie original is easy to farm zombie but no one play that anymore. If you hear coughing, that's me. Sorry about that.

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  • Zombie 1: Original

    "Another zombie is coming!" เสียงประกาศภาษาอังกฤษเมื่อคนกลายเป็นซอมบี้


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