The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) is a pistol cartridge in Counter-Strike Online.


The .45 ACP is one of the most commonly used pistol cartridges in-game. It is mostly used by pistols and submachine guns. This kind of cartridge deals from moderate to high damage. This is due to its penetration power which varies from gun to gun. It is quite cheap in-game due to it is a pistol cartridge. It costs $225 per 100 rounds in-game.

Desert Eagle Crimson Hunter uses a special variant of .45 ACP, named .45 ACP Transcendent. It does not share with other .45 ACP users, and is infinite in Zombie Scenario.


The .45 ACP is used by the following weapons:

Icon usp Uspred USP Veteran2 Infinity silver iconInfinity red icon Infinity black icon Dualinfinity gfx Infinityex1 gfx Infinityex2 gfx M1911a1 Fnp45 Bfnp45 Vulcanus1

Mac10 Ump45 Ump45snake Icon vector cso Dualkriss Thompson gfx Thompsongold Janus3 Tempestsmg Vulcanus3


Usp45 s Mk23 s Af2011a0 s

Mac10 s Ump45 s Krisssuperv s

.45 ACP Transcendent




  • It can be stated that the counterpart for .45 ACP is the 9mm Parabellum.
  • In fact, this caliber is quite powerful, being used by guns with high firepower such as SVI Infinity, Dual Infinity, Thompson M1928 and TDI Kriss Super Vector.
  • Note that submachine guns use pistol cartridges instead of rifle cartridges, so if an SMG and a pistol both use the same ammunition, the player will end up with both the submachine gun and pistol having no reserve ammunition after reloading.

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