.50 BMG Transcendent is a large and powerful rifle cartridge in Counter-Strike Online, used only in members of the Transcendence Series.


This cartridge is used in weapons that belong to the Transcendence Series. Every member of this series except for AK-47 Paladin, M4A1 Dark Knight, and SG552 Lycanthrope use their own version of the cartridge, never sharing any ammo with other users of the same caliber.

This caliber is notable for becoming unlimited in Zombie Scenario, featuring an infinity symbol in place of a number.


The following weapons use .50 BMG Transcendent.

Xtracker Thunderpistol Buffm95 Buffm249 Buffaug Sg552buff Ak47paladin M4a1darkknight


  • The caliber uses the same icon as normal .50 BMG.

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