12 Gauge is a shotgun caliber in Counter-Strike Online.


12 Gauge costs $65 per magazine of 8 rounds and the same $65 per drum of 20 rounds (USAS-12, Volcano, Fire Vulcan and SPAS-12 Maverick exclusive).

In Original, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, the maximum ammunition can be carried is 40 (2 full reserved magazines, costing $130) for drum shotguns and 32 (4 full reserved magazines, costing $260) for other shotguns.

In Zombie Scenario, the maximum amount is 600 rounds, which can be grouped into 30 drums, costing $1950 for drum shotguns and into 75 magazines, costing $4875 for other shotguns. This also applies in Human Scenario.

M3 Black Dragon uses a special variant of this cartridge, named .12 Gauge Transcendent. It does not share with other users of this cartridge. Additionally, it becomes infinite in Zombie Scenario.


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.12 Gauge Transcendent




  • In real life, the 12 Gauge has 350 pellets in one round of 12 Gauge if the round is a birdshot round.
  • In China version, the '12 Gauge' word is spelled incorrectly in M3 description.

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