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These are the items available throughout the Season 1 of 2019. It runs from January until April 2019.


The season is a new reward system that runs on a regular basis. During the mission period of the season, to finish the event, including "Season badge 'Collect' season ratings". Increasing, you can obtain a wide range of rare and reward immediately, depending on the grade.


Season ratings are participating in the mission and the events during the season, you play the game 'achievement'. Every time a season's rating goes up, you get a variety of rare rewards that can only be earned for that season. Season grades are reset at the beginning of each season.


You can earn rewards instantly based on the rank you achieve each season. When purchasing a season pass, you can earn both season pass and free rewards. Seasonal rewards are only available during the season.

Free Rewards
  • Skin Weapons: MP5 Trans-Gear, M950 Trans-Gear
  • Costumes: Rabbit ears, rabbit tail, butterfly antenna, butterfly wing, rooster comb, military assault pack
  • Medal: Medal of achievement of season grade.
Season Pass Compensation
  • Rare Weapon: Dual Beretta Windrider
  • Skin Weapons: M24 Trans-Gear, Dual Infinity Final Trans-gear, Machete Trans-Gear, USAS-12 Trans-Gear, QBZ-95B Trans-Gear
  • Classes: Pirate Michaela, Special Agent Lucia
  • Part Box: Part Compensation Box Tier 3, 4, 5
  • Medal: Season Pass Purchase Medal.
Consumable Compensation
Season Events
  • Depending on the game time, up to 3 badges (4 for Internet Cafe players) can be obtained for every 30 minutes game play. (maximum 4 badges can be obtained per day)


Season 1 weapons

Weapons that are converted into engineering magic of the unknown.



Season 1 sprays


Season 1 costumes
  • Bunny ears
  • Bunny tail
  • Butterfly antennae
  • Butterfly wings
  • Rooster combs
  • Military Assault Pack


Season 1 medals

Season Pass purchase medal, seasons grade achievement medal (Add Fitting trail effect).


Season 1 badge

Can collect more than a certain number of post-season ratings.

Random Box[]

Season 1 random box

It is used automatically when acquired. VVIP passes,VIP passes, cheering cubes, Emergency Medicine, or Battle Revival can be acquired randomly.