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These are the items available throughout the Season 2 of 2019. It runs from May until July 2019.


Main article: Stinger

A weapon designed to destroy the heart of a medieval vampire. Use 3 special stakes that can not be pulled once.



Season 2 Pass Compensation Spray. Pioneer's sentence sprays show special effects when in use.

  • Outlaw Black Spray, Sheriff Gerard Spray, Pioneer Sentence Spray

Zombie Costumes

Scarecrow Blotter Zombie

Scarecrow blotter

Season 2 Pass Compensation Zombie Costume. You can use Scarecrow costume on Blotter Zombie.

Cowgirl Light Zombie

Skin Light Zombie

Season 2 Pass Compensation Zombie Costume. You can use Cowgirl costume on Light zombie.



Season 2 Pass Compensation Human Costumes.

  • Lantern, Sheriff Hat, Leather Briefcase, Outlaw Hat, Lasso, Tomahawk


Season 2 Weapon

A Season 2 pass reward weapon adorned with luxurious patterns.


Outlawn david icon
Outlaw David
Main article: Outlaw David

20th century David Black worked as an outlaw.

Sheriff gerard icon
Sheriff Gerard
Main article: Sheriff Gerard

20th century Gerard worked as a sheriff.


Season 2 medals

Season Pass purchase medal, seasons grade achievement medal (Add Fitting trail effect).

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