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These are the items available throughout the Season 3 of 2019. It runs from July until September 2019.

Big Shark[]

Main article: Big Shark

A pump-action shotgun fed with 8 rounds of special 12 Gauge. After 8 strikes, you are able to shoot a special shot that will make a huge shark explosion.


Season3 spray

Season 3 spray. Season of Vacation spray shows special effects when used:

  • Safety Personnel Dominique spray
  • Vacation Alin spray
  • Seasonal spray Vacation (Premium Spray)


Season3 costume

Season 3 Compensation human costume:

  • Snorkeling mask
  • Shark ride
  • Duck tube
  • Alin's hat
  • Dominique hair decorated with flowers
  • Octopus


Season3 weapon

Decorated with luxurious wallpaper cool season 3 reward weapons:

Vacation Alin[]

Vacation alin
Main article: Vacation Alin

The hot summer, Alin left the vacation is to spend an enjoyable holiday.

Safety Personnel Dominique[]

Main article: Safety Personnel Dominique

When everyone is out of business on vacation, Dominique works part time as a security personnel in summer.