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These are the items available throughout the Season 4 of 2019. It runs from October 2019 until January 2020.

Barrett M95 Ghost Knight

Main article: Barrett M95 Ghost Knight

A sniper rifle with the bravery of knights on the battlefield. After landing 10 hits, the user is able to summon a ghost knight.


Season 4 sprays.png

Season 4 sprays:

  • Pirate Psycho Zombie
  • Angel Witch Rusty Wing
  • Happy Halloween animated spray


Season 4 costumes.png

Season 4 Compensation human costume:

  • Haunted Bride's Veil
  • Ghost Hat
  • Werewolf Ride
  • Wee Ghost
  • Cat Basket
  • Jack O Lantern Basket


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Ghost Bride Ritsuka

Ghost bride ritsuka.png
Main article: Ghost Bride Ritsuka

Asia-born Ritsuka has been growing up with civil war for many years since her youth. Dressed up as a ghost bride to celebrate Halloween.

Jack the Ripper Henry

Jack the ripper henry.png
Main article: Jack the Ripper Henry

Henry Stoner, a gun craftsman with a wealth of knowledge and know-how. Dressed up as Jack the Ripper for Halloween.

Pirate Psycho Zombie

Pirate psycho zombie.png
Main article: Psycho Zombie

A Psycho Zombie costume. Pirate Psycho Zombie can be used when used. The zombie's appearance changes, but does not change performance.

Angel Witch Rusty Wing

Angel witch rusty wing.png
Main article: Rusty Wing

A Rusty Wing costume. You can use Angel Witch Rusty Wing. The zombie's appearance changes, but does not change performance.