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Bg season6 banner.png 2020 Season 6 is the sixth Season Pass in Counter-Strike Online.


The theme is Wizard of Oz.


Main article: SCAR OZ-A
Scar oz-A.png

An assault rifle that uses 30 rounds of 5.56mm bullets produced by Oz Factory, which developed a tin robot based on SCAR.

  • Season 6 Reward Final Weapon - Growth Type SCAR Stage 1
Main article: SCAR OZ-B
Scar oz-b.png

This is an assault rifle that uses 35 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition produced by Oz Factory, which developed tin robots based on SCAR. There is no change in appearance, but a more powerful shooting is possible.

  • Season 6 Reward Final Weapon - Growth Type SCAR Stage 2
Main article: SCAR OZ-C
Scar oz-c.png

An assault rifle using 40 rounds of 7.62mm bullets developed with the technology of a tin robot based on SCAR. The scope can be used for precise shooting.

  • Season 6 rewards ultimate weapon - Growth gun SCAR Stage 3
Main article: SCAR OZ-D
Scar oz-D.png

A fully-developed SCAR with the technology of tin robot fed with 45 rounds of 7.62mm bullets. This assault rifle's continuous shooting will speed it up. There is a grenade launcher with the power of the witch, so you can fire grenade without loading. Grenades pass through life and explode, and pierced targets take additional damage.

  • Season 6 Reward Final Weapon - Growth Gun SCAR Stage 4
  • If you acquire weapon of this stage, weapons from the previous stage are not deleted

Zombie skins

Blonde Witch Glinda Sting Finger
Blonde Witch Glinda.png

Season Pass 6 reward zombie costume. You can use the blonde witch Glinda Stingfinger Zombie when using it. The appearance of the Stingfinger Zombie changes but does not change its performance. [Inventory]-[Mode Only]-[Zombie Skin] ] Tab to disable or apply.

West Witch Elphaba Chaser Zombie
West Witch Elphaba.png

Season 6 Reward Zombie Costume. When used, you can use the Western Witch Elpava Chaser. Chaser Zombie's appearance changes, but there is no change in performance. [Inventory]-[Mode Only]-[Zombie Skin] tab You can terminate or apply.


Season6 costumes.png
  • Tin Robot Helmet
  • Dorothy's Dog
  • Tin Robot Axe
  • Lion Head Bag
  • Scarecrow's Auxiliary Bag
  • Dorothy's Lunch Box


Tin Paint

Tin paint.png

Available weapons: AWP, AK-47, Barrett M95 White Tiger, M249 Phoenix, X-TRACKER

Wood Paint

Wood paint.png

Available weapons: IMI Desert Eagle, M4A1, MP5, Thunder Ghost Walker, M3 Black Dragon


Season6 sprays.png
  • Dorothy Gale
  • The Cowardly Lion
  • The Scarecrow
  • The Tin Man
  • "If I Only Had a Heart"