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Bg season6 banner 2020 Season 6 is the sixth Season Pass in Counter-Strike Online.


The theme is Wizard of Oz.


Main article: SCAR OZ-A
Scar oz-A

An assault rifle that uses 30 rounds of 5.56mm bullets produced by Oz Factory, which developed a tin robot based on SCAR.

  • Season 6 Reward Final Weapon - Growth Type SCAR Stage 1
Main article: SCAR OZ-B
Scar oz-b

This is an assault rifle that uses 35 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition produced by Oz Factory, which developed tin robots based on SCAR. There is no change in appearance, but a more powerful shooting is possible.

  • Season 6 Reward Final Weapon - Growth Type SCAR Stage 2
Main article: SCAR OZ-C
Scar oz-c

An assault rifle using 40 rounds of 7.62mm bullets developed with the technology of a tin robot based on SCAR. The scope can be used for precise shooting.

  • Season 6 rewards ultimate weapon - Growth gun SCAR Stage 3
Main article: SCAR OZ-D
Scar oz-D

A fully-developed SCAR with the technology of tin robot fed with 45 rounds of 7.62mm bullets. This assault rifle's continuous shooting will speed it up. There is a grenade launcher with the power of the witch, so you can fire grenade without loading. Grenades pass through life and explode, and pierced targets take additional damage.

  • Season 6 Reward Final Weapon - Growth Gun SCAR Stage 4
  • If you acquire weapon of this stage, weapons from the previous stage are not deleted

Zombie skins[]

Blonde Witch Glinda Sting Finger
Blonde Witch Glinda

Season Pass 6 reward zombie costume. You can use the blonde witch Glinda Stingfinger Zombie when using it. The appearance of the Stingfinger Zombie changes but does not change its performance. [Inventory]-[Mode Only]-[Zombie Skin] ] Tab to disable or apply.

West Witch Elphaba Chaser Zombie
West Witch Elphaba

Season 6 Reward Zombie Costume. When used, you can use the Western Witch Elpava Chaser. Chaser Zombie's appearance changes, but there is no change in performance. [Inventory]-[Mode Only]-[Zombie Skin] tab You can terminate or apply.


Season6 costumes
  • Tin Robot Helmet
  • Dorothy's Dog
  • Tin Robot Axe
  • Lion Head Bag
  • Scarecrow's Auxiliary Bag
  • Dorothy's Lunch Box


Tin Paint

Tin paint

Available weapons: AWP, AK-47, Barrett M95 White Tiger, M249 Phoenix, X-TRACKER

Wood Paint

Wood paint

Available weapons: IMI Desert Eagle, M4A1, MP5, Thunder Ghost Walker, M3 Black Dragon


Season6 sprays
  • Dorothy Gale
  • The Cowardly Lion
  • The Scarecrow
  • The Tin Man
  • "If I Only Had a Heart"