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Bg season13 banner 2022 Season 13 is the second season of 2022 in Counter-Strike Online.

Main weapons[]

Lunar Cannon
Main article: Lunar Cannon

A shotgun that can fire 45 12-gauge shotgun bullets quickly. Its special feature is that it can use a Lunatic Bomb that fires an artificial moon in front. Special <Lunatic Bomb>: After shooting more than a certain number of times and right-clicking while the special bullet is charged, it advances forward at a slow speed and fires an artificial moon that deals damage. The artificial moon explodes. Knockbacks the enemy when done.

Star Taylor
Main article: [[Star Tail]]

A pistol that uses 50 energy cells to fire a beam of light in a straight line at the target. Its special ability is Cosmos Spin, which slows the enemy's movement. Special function <Cosmos Spin>: If you right-click while shooting more than a certain number of times and the special bullet is charged, an area that slows the enemy's movement appears on the floor, and the moment the area appears, the enemy within the area moves The speed slows down.

Starlight Sword
Main article: Starlight Sword

A melee weapon made of unknown technology. It is characterized by a blade made of beams that shine brightly in the dark. Its special function is an energy push that pushes enemies away. Special function <Energy Push>: When the gauge is fully charged, right-clicking it releases the condensed energy to push back the enemy strongly.


Moon paint


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Floating Damage[]