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Bg season14 banner 2022 Season 14 is a Season Pass in Counter-Strike Online.


An unknown world that no one has ever pioneered, the jungle! Log in now and be the first pioneer!


Ancient Keeper
Ancient keeper
Main article: Ancient Keeper

A machine gun that uses 200 rounds of 7.62mm bullets with a mysterious jewel of an ancient civilization found deep in the jungle. It can transform into True Keeper mode, which inflicts enormous damage when struck more than a certain number of times.

Ancient Berserker
Ancient berserker
Main article: Ancient Berserker

It is a jungle sword-shaped sword that appears to have been used by the warrior class of an ancient civilization found deep in the jungle. The patterns of mysterious ancient civilizations are engraved throughout the diagram. Subdue the enemy with a powerful attack that takes full advantage of the long sword.

FN57 Ancient Bringer
Ancient bringer
Main article: FN57 Ancient Bringer

A pistol that uses 50 rounds of 5.7mm explosive shells that apply the mysterious power of an ancient civilization discovered deep in the jungle. It explodes when it hits the target. A special function is activated when shooting more than a certain number of times.


Lizard paint


  • Explorer Hat
  • Explorer Backpack
  • Explorer Water Container