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Bg season15 banner 2023 Season 15 is a the first season of 2023 in Counter-Strike Online.


Compared to previous season, it has 4 unique weapons to be claimed instead of just 3. A zombie skin is also added back after has been cut in several previous seasons.

Season information[]

  • Period: After maintenance on 2/9 (Thu) ~ Before maintenance on 6/1 (Thu)
  • Season is a reward system that is held at regular intervals. If you raise your 'Season Rating' by collecting 'Season Badges' by completing missions and events during the season, you can immediately acquire various and rare rewards according to the Rating.

Season Rating[]

Season Rating is the number of players who participated in missions and events during the season and played the game, 'degree of achievement' . As you progress through the ranks of the season, you can earn a variety of rare rewards. Season ranks and season badges are bound to that season.

Season rewards[]

You can immediately earn rewards based on the rank you achieve each season. When purchasing the season pass, you can get both season pass rewards and free rewards. Starting with the Season 9 Pass, the season reward items are changed to non-season limited items.

Black Market Early Open[]

Players who reach level 100 early will open the black market early. If you reach level 100 of the current season pass, the season mission will end and a new mission to obtain the black market badge will begin. Added new product: CSO Pendant, Star Tail Parts Box, Starlight Sword Parts Box, Lunar Cannon Parts Box

CSO Pendant

Cso pendant

Description : CSO brand pendant (back costume)

Past season pass re-purchase function open[]

  • For players who have reached 100 rank early, past season page where you can repurchase the item is open!
  • The season will open with your past achievement level intact, and you can acquire items by purchasing the season level on the corresponding page.
  • Past season pass reopening: Season 9, Season 10, Season 11, Season 12, Season 13. It is available from the [Mission] menu.
  • Acquired black market badges will all be destroyed when a new season begins.

Season Reward Weapon[]

Dart Pistol TECH
Main article: Dart Pistol TECH

A pistol that can fire 7 special darts. It looks like a toy, but the dart is equipped with a special function, so it periodically shocks enemies it hits.

Crowbar Maverick TECH
Main article: Crowbar Maverick TECH

A crowbar used to pull out or dismantle nails with a crowbar was modified and manufactured by an unknown terrorist group. Transformed into a powerful melee weapon equipped with a shocker that gives a stiffness effect.

Avalanche TECH
Main article: Avalanche TECH

A machine gun that uses 200 rounds of 7.62mm bullets and has a rapid fire mode that pours fire power quickly. It is made with an unknown technology.

Laser Storm
Main article: Laser Storm

A submachine gun that uses 45 rounds of 45.ACP bullets and boasts low recoil and fast rate of fire. It is made of very light material and boasts excellent mobility and is made with unknown technology. Special bullets are charged during normal attacks, and special attacks can be performed by right-clicking the mouse.

Zombie Costume[]

Cyborg Normal Zombie
Cyborg normal zombie
Main article: Regular Zombie

Season 15 Pass Reward Zombie Costume. When used, you can use Cyborg Normal Zombie. Season 15 Reward Zombie Skin

Weapon Paint Pattern[]

Cyborg Paint Pattern
Cyborg paint


  • Portable small reactor (back)
  • Holographic display (waist)
  • Cyborg mask (head)


  • SD Nox Spray
  • SD Skadi Spray
  • Cyborg Awakening Spray (displays special effects when used)


  • Season 15 Nameplate

Floating Damage[]

  • Season 15 Damage Font