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Bg season16 banner 2023 Season 16 is the second season of 2023 in Counter-Strike Online.

Season information[]

SEASON 16: Alice in Wonderland!

  • Period: After maintenance on 6/1 (Thu) ~ Before maintenance on 9/21 (Thu)
  • Season is a reward system that is held at regular intervals. If you raise your 'Season Rating' by collecting 'Season Badges' by completing missions and events during the season, you can immediately acquire various and rare rewards according to the Rating.

Season Rank[]

  • Season Rank is the number of times you participate in missions and events during the season. It shows the 'achievement level' you have played the game. As you progress through the season ranks, you can earn a variety of rare rewards. Season ranks and season badges are bound to that season.

Season rewards[]

  • You can immediately earn rewards based on the rank you achieve each season.
  • When purchasing the season pass,  you can get both season pass rewards and free rewards.
  • From the Season 9 Pass, the season reward items are changed to non-season limited items.

Black Market Early Open[]

  • Players who reach level 100 early will open the black market early.
  • If you reach level 100 of the current season pass, the season mission will end and a new mission to obtain the black market badge will begin.

Black Market products[]

CSO game console
Cso game console

CSO brand game console (costume)

Season pass discount coupon
Season discount pass

This is a coupon that gives a discount coupon when the season pass level reaches 100, and discounts the cost of purchasing the next season pass.

  • If you log in during the next season period, the coupon will be automatically used. (For example, if you get a discount coupon during Season 16, the purchase price of Season 17 pass is discounted.)
  • If the coupon is not used by not logging in during the next season, it will automatically expire thereafter. (For example, if you get a discount coupon for Season 16, do not log in during Season 17, and then log in during Season 18, the discount will not be applied.)

Open the ability to repurchase past season passes[]

Reach 100 levels early. A page where players can repurchase past season items will be opened!

  • The season will open with your past achievement level intact, and you can acquire items by purchasing the season level on the corresponding page.
  • Reopening of past season passes: Season 9, Season 10, Season 11, Season 12, Season 13, Season 14
  • Black Market can be accessed from the [Mission] menu when you reach level 100.
  • Acquired black market badges will all be destroyed when a new season begins.

Season Reward Weapons[]

Sl8 queen
Main article: SL8 Queen

This sniper rifle, which uses 20 rounds of 5.56mm bullets, is designed to overwhelm opponents with rapid fire.

Special Duck Foot Gun QUEEN
Main article: Special Duck Foot Gun Queen
Special duck foot gun queen

A pistol that uses 4 rounds of 12 gauge bullets. It is a modification of the duck foot pistol developed in England in the Middle Ages. The foot gun consists of a single clip, and boasts a strong pushing force.

Tomahawk QUEEN
Main article: Tomahawk Queen
Tomahawk queen

A hand ax for combat that is given to special forces members. It has a slow attack speed, but excellent killing power. In Zombie Mode and Zombie Scenario Mode, you can push back approaching zombies through secondary mode attacks.

AUG Guardians
Main article: AUG Guardians
Aug guardians

An assault rifle that uses 50 special bullets of .50 caliber. Special bullets are charged during normal attacks, and special attacks can be performed by right-clicking the mouse.

Zombie Costume[]

Queen of Hearts Banshee
Queen of heart banshee

Season 16 pass reward zombie costume. When used, you can use the Queen of Hearts Banshee Zombie.

  • Season 16 Reward Zombie Skin

Weapon Paint[]

Card Soldier Paint
Card soldier paint

Season 16 Reward Weapon Skin. Target Weapons:


Season 16 costume

  • Cat fairy (pet)
  • Rabbit doll bag costume (back)
  • SD Alice cup hat (head)


Season 16 spray

  • SD Pyromaniac Yuri Spray
  • SD Special Agent May Spray
  • Alice Spray


Season 16 nameplate

  • Season waiting room mark (16)

Floating Damage[]

Season 16 damage font

  • Season Pass Font (16)