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Bg season17 banner Season 17 is the third season of 2023 Season Pass in Counter-Strike Online.


SEASON 17 Egypt! Enjoy the gorgeous Egyptian culture and golden beauty in the new season!


M249 Ra
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M249 ra

A machine gun that uses 100 rounds of .50 BMG special bullet. It can inflict effective damage to zombies and has good combat durability due to its ample magazine.

Thunderbolt Anubis
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Thunderbolt anubis

A rail gun that accelerates bullets with electromagnetic energy and fires them at supersonic speed. It boasts tremendous destructive and penetrating power, but has the disadvantage of being heavy and unable to fire continuously.

Sapientia Anubis
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Sapientia anubis

A pistol that uses special holy water bullets. When hit, the holy water bomb explodes and sprays around, causing strong damage to zombies within a certain distance.

Dual Katana Anubis
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Dual katana anubis

Quickly cuts down everything in your path with two sharp katanas. The special attack, a two-handed raised slash, inflicts fatal damage to a single target.


Egyptian paint
Pharaoh paint