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Bg season18 banner 2024 Season 18 is a the first season of 2024 in Counter-Strike Online


SEASON 18: CSO Ranger! We are the CSO Rangers who protect the Earth!

Season Reward Weapon[]

Ethereal Hero
Ethereal hero
Main article: Ethereal

It is a firearm that fires a laser beam by converting compressed energy called ether from unidentified meteorite material into light waves. Basically, it has excellent recoil suppression and can be easily operated by anyone with a high accuracy rate.

CROW-1 Hero
Crow1 hero
Main article: CROW-1

A pistol that uses 9mm bullets using a 50-round drum magazine. Fast reloading is possible by applying the CROW Reload System. During reloading, if you press the [R] key at the exact center of the gauge, the CROW Reload System operates.

Nata Knife Hero
Nataknife hero
Main article: Nata Knife

A knife with a beautiful curve in the shape of a one-way sword, made to compensate for the distance and damage that were lacking in existing combat knives.

Rolling Vulcan
Rolling vulcan
Main article: Rolling Vulcan

This is a firearm that converts high-output hero energy into a sphere and amplifies it to explode the space. When you activate the hero energy condensation system, you can mark an explosion point in the space in front of the aim that only you can see and explode it.

  • Special function <Rolling Thunder>: Can be used when hero energy is charged by 3 or more. The explosion point that only you can see is displayed in front of you in the form of a sphere and can be exploded.


Monster Villain Yaksha
Monster villain yaksha
Main article: Yaksha

Season 18 Pass Reward Zombie Costume. When used, you can use the monster villain Yaksa Zombie.

  • Season 18 reward zombie skin
Hero Paints
Hero paint
Main article: Paint

Available weapons: Battle Jackhammer, MG36, M950, King Cobra, K3, Dual Uzi, Hauteclere, Whip Sword, Death Eater, Negev NG-7 Ajax.

Hero Costumes
Main article: Costume

Ranger Helmet (head), Ranger sword shield (back), Ranger pistol (waist).

Hero Spray
Main article: Spray

Season 18 reward costume, 3 types of CSO Ranger theme: SD Pink Ranger Ishmael Spray, SD Blue Ranger Faust Spray, CSO Ranger Spray.

Hero Nameplate
Hero waiting room mark
Main article: Nameplate

You will be decorated with the corresponding mark in the waiting room.

Floating Damage
Hero floating damage
Main article: Floating Damage

When you inflict damage to an enemy, the damage value is displayed above the enemy's head. If you own the item, you can use ‘Season Pass Font (18)’ in the options.

  • Can be set in [Options]-[Multiplayer]-[Damage Output]
  • Not available in some modes, including original