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2024 Season 19 is a the first season of the year 2024 in Counter-Strike Online


Season 19 Vikings! Now the fearless Viking warriors rule!

Season Pass Weapons[]

Hammer Valhalla
Main article: Hammer

Although it has a slow attack rate due to it being a huge hammer, it can push away approaching zombies through secondary mode attacks.

SKULL-2 Valhalla
Main article: SKULL-2

SKULL-2 is a special 7-round revolver loaded with .50 Anti-Zombie bullets each pair. As aforementioned implied, it was reorganized to enable dual wielding, giving it a higher ammo count. Like its predecessor, it boasts fatal damage and high penetration power, in part due to its illustrious Anti-Zombie-purposed bullets.

MG3 Valhalla
Main article: MG3

This 200 rounds, 7.62mm machine gun is the modern version of the MG42 that was known as "Hitler's Buzzsaw" during the World War II. It has a good rate of fire and feed system for attack and reloading but due to its weight, it loses out in terms of speed and accuracy.

USAS-12 Conquer
Main article: USAS-12 Conquer

The power of the ancient Vikings warriors is now imbued into USAS-12. you can summon a Viking ax to attack the surrounding area or throw the ax as special attack.

Season Pass Items[]

Viking Deimos (Zombie Costume)
Main article: Deimos

Season Pass 19 Zombie Costume Reward, you can apply Viking Deimos as a skin for Deimos Zombie.

Viking Paint
Main article: Paint

Applicable weapons:

Viking Costumes
  • Viking Helmet (Head)
  • Viking Shield (Back)
  • Viking Axe (Legs)
Viking Sprays
Viking Damage Font
Y24s2 font

When you inflict damage to an enemy, the damage value is displayed above them. If you own the item, you can use ‘Season Pass Damage Font (19)’ in options.

Season Pass Medal[]

Season 19 Trailblazer

This medal can be achieved by purchasing Season 19

Season 19 Conqueror

This medal can be achieved by reaching level 100 and complete Season 19

Post-Season Black Market[]

CSO Branded Sunflower

A CSO Branded Sunflower that can be worn on the head.