5.56×45mm NATO or simply 5.56mm is a rifle cartridge in Counter-Strike Online.


The 5.56 NATO is the most common and used rifle cartridge in the game. It is usually used by assault rifles, semi-automatic sniper rifles and light machine guns. This cartridge does moderate damage and has high penetration power, thus it has lower recoil when compared to 7.62 NATO. It is moderately expensive, which costs $60 per 30 rounds in game.


5.56mm is used by:

Galil icon Bgalil Galil maverick Galilfnc Famas icon Bfamas Famasl85a2 M4a1 icon M4a1gold M4a1dragon M4a1scope icon M4a1hq M4a1hk416 Aug gfx Sg552 gfx Icon scar cso Icon xm8 cso Xm8 sharpshooter M16a1 M16a1v M16a4 Tar21 icon Crow5 F2000 gfx Sfgun Guitar Cartreds Cartblues Janus-5 Qbz95b Gilboa Viperboa Oicw Burningaug Thanatos5 Kh2002 Stunrifle

K1a K1ase gfx

Sg550 gfx Icon sl8 cso Sl8g Sl8ex

Icon m249 cso M249red gfx M249camo M249veteran Mg36 gfx MG36G Crow7 Hk23 gfx Hk23g K3 Aerolis Ozmg Cameragun Ultimax100 Turbulent7


M4a1 s M4a1 tan s M4a1flash s Galil s Famas s Sg552 s Aug s Fnc s Scarl s F2000 s Dr200 s T65 s T86 s Acr s G36k s K2c s Msbs s Mk18 s M16a4 s Lr300 s

K1 s

Sg550 s

M249 s


  • ​The higher the caliber number, the stronger the penetration power of the bullet, thus dealing higher damage.
  • The side effect of a high caliber bullet is high recoil, making it inaccurate in continuous fire.
  • In game, 5.56 NATO used by rifles and machine guns are different.


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