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5.56 Anti-Zombie (also known as the 5.56 AZ) is a rifle cartridge designed to engage zombies. It is only used by certain weapons in the SKULL Series.


The 5.56 AZ is based on 5.56 NATO and is enhanced to the point where it is very effective when used against zombies due to its very high penetration power. The player can hold up to 240 rounds of extra ammo in Original, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and even Zombie Mods, rather than 200 rounds which is the maximum amount of ammo a player can hold. Due to its high penetration power leading to high damage, It is expensive which costs $200 per 30 rounds, giving the total of $1600 for 240 rounds and $4000 for 600 rounds in Zombie Scenario.


These are the weapons that use this cartridge:


  • This cartridge does not exist in real life. It is obviously based on the 5.56 NATO armour piercing rounds.
  • Like the SKULL Series weapons, 5.56 AZ and other AZ ammunition were created and developed by the Government.