7.62×51mm NATO or 7.62mm is a rifle cartridge in Counter-Strike Online.


The 7.62mm is a rifle cartridge which is usually used by battle rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns. It does higher damage and has more penetration power when compared to the 5.56 NATO but the guns using this caliber often have higher recoil. It can even perform an instant kill when used by sniper rifles. This kind of caliber is powerful, thus it costs more which is $80 per 30 rounds in the game.


The 7.62mm is used by:

Ak47 icon Ak47gold gfx Ak47dragon Ak47hq Ak47l Ak47red Ak47akm Scarh gfx Violingun M14ebr M14ebrgold Turbulent5 500px-CsoSvdm203 M1918bar Norinco86s


M24 gfx Wa2000 Wa2000g Icon svd cso Xm2010 G3sg1 icon Scout gfx Scoutred M82 Psg1 Mosin

Kriss custom

Pkm Mk48 Avalanche Mg3 Golden MG3 Mg3 xmas JANUS7 icon Janus7xmas Charger7 M60 M60e4g M134 gfx M134 xmas M134 ex Monkeywpnset1 PKM gold edition Mg42 Thanatos7 M134vulcan Vulcanus7 Ng7 Hk121 icon Hk121ex icon


Ak47 s Ak47 old s Ak47flash s Scarh s Fal s Aek971 s Ak12 s G3ka4 s M14ebr s Akm s

M1903a3 s M1garand s

G3sg1 s Scout s

M60 s Pkm s Pkmfire s Mg3 s


  • In game, 7.62 NATO used by rifles and machine guns do not share the same ammo pool.

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