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AMP Suit (Amplified Mobility Platform) is a boss appeared in Threat, Panic Room and Illusion chapters. Later, it appears in Hell Ride.


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In Threat chapter, the AMP Suit was originally sent by Norman to aid David Black's team in protecting the Vanguard Headquarter from being destroyed by the zombies. Unfortunately, the operator became infected by the Z-Virus and counters the order. David Black and his team were forced to engage the infected AMP Suit.

After a tough struggle, the AFC forces managed to destroy the infected AMP Suit. Suddenly, another AMP Suit comes from nowhere flying to the main tower and captured the injured Erika resting inside the chamber. Norman has an opportunity to talk to David Black about getting Erika to his side.

In Panic Room chapter, AFC forces managed to pursue the AMP Suit and rescue Erika, defeating it, but something worse happened...

In Illusion, player will fight this boss at round 5 as the final boss.

In Hell Ride, it appears as the main boss, which must be defeated before 30 days.


This creature appears to destroy the main tower in Threat chapter. It has the ability to heal when not under enemy fire. Its abilities are:

  • Slash: Slashes the players.
  • Spin attack: Spins 360 degrees to hurt the players.
  • Flame: Emits flame towards target.
  • Laser: Emits a dangerous laser to random human in 45 degrees.
  • Jump: Jumps high to stomp the players.

In Threat, AMP Suit is unable to harm players standing on the second floor.

Minimal Weapons Required[]

Thunderbolt Oicw Balrog1 Balrog9


Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
A medal given to a person who did not hesitate to fight with Mad Mechanic to save Erika
[Erika's Guardian]
Gentleman, real soldiers must be strong enough to dedicate their lives to an important person! Don't hesitate yourself in any threats. Don't forget that you are the only one who can save her. This can only be achieved in rooms with 4 or more players, easy stage is not included. Defeat AMP Suit 100 times.



  • This boss is inspired from James Cameron's Avatar AMP.
  • This is the second boss that has ability of flying after Angra. However, in Threat, it will not use this ability until entering the headquarters (all walls have been destroyed).
  • There are 2 AMP Suits in Threat actually. When the main boss died, the other AMP Suit will fly in, smash the glass and floor, steal Erika (apparently) and fly off.
  • In Panic Room, this AMP Suit can be seen escaping from the player, which then the player will have to defeat it (as a mini boss) in a large room.
  • There is a bug where AMP Suit cannot move when attacked with THANATOS-7's blade.
  • Sometimes AMP Suit Footstep become Incredible ( Kill FX ) Sound.
  • JANUS-11's laser beams (in Janus form) are similar to the one of AMP Suit.