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For original version, see M136 AT4.

AT4-CS (Anti Tank 4-Confined Space) is the upgraded version of the AT4 purchasable with cash point.


The AT4-CS has solved the bug of back blast from original AT4, allowing it to be fired in confined spaces. This weapon deals higher damage than the original weapon and is available for use in all modes. Moreover, its rocket is homing to the target. It could deal up to 1000 damage per round to zombies.


  • Massive damage
  • Can zoom via scope
  • Usable outside Human Scenario
  • Homing missiles when scoped
  • Can kill multiple target with just 1 shot


Release date[]

  • South Korea: 27 October 2011.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 8 November 2011.
  • China & Japan: 9 November 2011.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 15 August 2012.
  • Indonesia: 13 March 2013.
  • Turkey: 16 April 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 8 January 2015.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.



Metal Arena:

  • Rifleman: The improved AT4 can be used by the riflemen.


Mode Purchase cost Ammo cost Total
Original $7900 $1000 $8900
Scenario $7900 $2000 $9900
Consider DIRECT hit
Range (m) Human Zombie Scenario
0 100+ 566 ≈ 300
12 23 565 ≈ 300
24 12 565 ≈ 300
36 5 562 ≈ 300
  • Use AT4-CS when dealing with huge group of zombies.
  • Never aim a single troop with AT4-CS as the explosive rounds are expensive. Use your secondary gun instead.
  • Never shoot a Titan with this weapon as it deals low damage. Use AT4-Lance instead.
  • This weapon is recommended in Zombie Scenario as it deals multiple targets within the blast radius.
  • This weapon also deals tremendous damage to bosses in Zombie Scenario. With maxed power, it can deal about 11000 ~ 24000 damage per shot
  • Not recommended in Zombie: The Mutation/Hero/Deathmatch due to slow reloading and low damage.
  • When using in Original mode, use the scope as it is best effective against enemies in ducts, or confined area. Note that the damage will decrease over range.

Comparison to AT4[]



  • Can be used in most modes
  • Homing missiles
  • Higher damage (+4%)
  • Lighter (-4% speed reduction)


  • Same recoil (88%)
  • Same ammo type (84mm)
  • Same reload time (3.7 seconds)


  • More expensive (+$900)
  • Must be purchased with cash points
  • Lower damage to Titan



  • Even though AT4-CS is a non anti-zombie weapon, it is still overpowered in Zombie Scenario, especially when dealing with Bosses.
  • Before the debut of Thunderbolt and Gae Bolg, the AT4-CS was the weapon that deals the highest damage to bosses in Zombie Scenario modes.
  • After the 4 December 2014 update of South Korea, Item Battle was rebooted, and this weapon became a special item which can be picked up in this mode, alongside Ripper. It is protected in a yellow barricade which must be destroyed to obtain.
    • The special AT4-CS features a transparent skin, which is different with the normal ones, for easy recognition. It also has 30 rockets in total and can be fired without reloading.

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