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AWP battleAWP Battle is a submode in Counter-Strike Online and Counter-Strike Online 2.


The players must eliminate the opposing team with bolt-action sniper rifles and melee weapons:

At the start of a round, all players are automatically equipped with Kevlar and Helmet like Basic and Deathmatch modes. If a player has more than one sniper rifle other than Magnum Sniper Rifle, he/she will be given few seconds to choose which one will be carried over for the current match (only for Original).

Awp M24 gfx Trg42 Barrett m95 M400 gfx Xm2010 M82 Awpaw50 Awpr93 Awpz Thunderbolt Lightningrail

Exclusive maps[]

Greesia gfx Ancient Ruins

This mode is available in Original, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes.


  • Even this mode allows all bolt-action sniper rifles, Steyr Scout is excluded due to its lack in range and damage; while the Thunderbolt and Lightning Rail are allowed in this submode, even they are not bolt-action sniper rifles.
  • All secondary weapons and grenades are not allowed in this submode.
  • Even the player has one chance to choose a sniper rifle in Original mode, he/she still can rebuy another in the buy zone (note that the buying time is not passed).