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Abandoned Hound (zs_crack) is the third chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 8 in Counter-Strike Online.


  • Track incidents in the hideout.
  • Find traces of the Asia Red Army Faction and defeat the mysterious monster.


Ritsuka failed to stop David Black and Erica. She hurriedly returned to the Asia Red Army Faction hideout, but it wasn't the Asian Red Army Faction colleagues who were waiting.


  • Track incidents that have occurred in the hideout.


  • Tracking is easy by following the mission area displayed on the map.
  • Press [E] on devices labelled [E] on them to activate the indicated device.
  • You can destroy the glowing red wall and proceed with the game.


Ritsuka, who received a request to stop David Black and Erica's party and Douglas' support, surprises them at a remote factory. But Ritsuka was unable to stop David Black's party, and loses contact with Douglas and even the supported super soldiers and retreats. Ritsuka returns to the Asian Red Army Faction's hideout to reorganize her forces, but what she encounters is a hideout that has turned into ruins.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 9 February 2023.
  • CSNS: 22 February 2023.


Map 1 cutscene
Ritsuka2 msg
  • Ritsuka was commissioned by Douglas to stop David Black and Erica
  • But with the resistance of David Black and Erica, Ritsuka's failed.
  • Ritsuka returns to the Asian Red Army Faction hideout to reorganize forces...
  • Ritsuka: What? Why is the hideout so quiet?
  • Ritsuka: Go over there and look suspicious? Move quickly!
Map 1 airfield barracks
  • Ritsuka: Why is it such a mess here?
  • Ritsuka: I don't see any of my Asian Red Army colleagues!
  • Ritsuka: I don't feel well! Maybe I should look around?
  • Ritsuka: The fire is blocking the road! Activate the fire hydrant!
  • Ritsuka: The fire is extinguished. Move!
Three-way door switch
  • Ritsuka: The security device lost power and became a tin can
  • Ritsuka: I guess I need to run the temporary generator in the shooting range storage
Shooting range generator
  • Ritsuka: A temporary generator is visible.
  • Ritsuka: Go ahead and activate it!
Oil barrel
  • Ritsuka: The generator is working fine. There should be enough power now.
  • Ritsuka: Let's smash the obstacles in front of us and go!
Safe zone 2
  • Ritsuka: I can't see my Asian Red Army colleagues at all!
  • Ritsuka: It's quite annoying that only trashy zombies run amok.
  • Ritsuka: I'm going to smash it!
  • Ritsuka: Damn it! This is unforgivable!
  • Ritsuka: You dare touch my cute slugs?
  • Ritsuka: I need to pack this bag here!
Pick up bag
  • Ritsuka: The detour to the basement has been opened
  • Ritsuka: We must move!
  • Ritsuka: I don't know what idiots did this.
  • Ritsuka: I'll accept the price for my comrade's sacrifice!
  • Ritsuka: The road is blocked
  • Ritsuka: Activate C4!
Jacob msg
  • ???: Ritsuka is waiting.
  • Ritsuka: This voice... Is it Douglas Jacob?
  • Douglas: Yes. I invested a lot in you.
  • Ritsuka: Thank you for that. But how did you contact me like this?
  • Douglas: No need to panic
  • Douglas: Do you remember that this was originally a Kronos facility?
  • Douglas: Well, it was a place that supported you as an investment.
  • Douglas: And I just have something important to do here.
  • Ritsuka: What's important? Don't be shy and get to the point!
  • Douglas: Whoa. It'll be quicker to check with your own eyes.
  • Ritsuka: Douglas! What do you mean by that?
  • Ritsuka: ...Douglas! What are you doing?
  • Ritsuka: This situation is quite unpleasant
Map 2 cutscene
  • Asian Red Army Faction: What, what! Whoa!
End cutscene
  • Ritsuka: Damn it! What the fuck is that filthy bug!
  • Ritsuka: I'm going to trample that worm!
  • Ritsuka: I need to retrieve the card key that fell on the floor
Recover key card
  • Ritsuka: Activate the device on the second floor!
All security devices work
  • Area emergency security system disabled. Area open!
  • Ritsuka: Go to the passage on the first floor!
Mid boss
Zbs83midboss msg
  • Douglas: Whoa. The Ritsuka experiment
  • Douglas: This time, we secured good combat data through the Asian Red Army Faction.
  • Douglas: So you wanna try it too?
  • Ritsuka: What a bug!
Mid-boss dies
  • Ritsuka: These bugs aren't even a meal!
  • Douglas: I invested because of your ability.
  • Douglas: But it's failed often lately
  • Douglas: Even the Super Soldier who supported you has become scrap metal
  • Douglas: So, I've paid off some of my investment this time.
  • Ritsuka: Douglas! Are you trying to sacrifice the Asian Red Army faction like this!
  • Ritsuka: I can't forgive you! Be prepared, you bastard!
  • Ritsuka: Be careful! There are bugs!
  • Ritsuka: Bugs are persistent!
Underground plaza
  • Ritsuka: Activate the security switch quickly!
  • Ritsuka: I'm going to ignore those bugs and get out!
Timer end
  • Disable security system
  • Ritsuka: The door is open! Go ahead!
When the boss appears
Zbs83 msg
  • You think you can kill me with a bug like this?
Message before boss skill
  • He's coming out! Be careful not to get dragged in!
  • If you don't want to die, shoot him in the mouth!
  • What are you looking at! Quickly shoot the harpoon to stop him!
  • What are you looking at! Quickly fire two harpoons to stop him!
  • What are you looking at! Quickly fire three harpoons to stop him!
  • Wow~ That's great? Try more spears next time!
  • Damn it misfired! Keugh!
  • If there is no body, attack even the tail!
  • Looks like he's on fire? Watch out.
  • Code entry complete. H.C. Cannon active
When boss is defeated
  • Douglas: You confirmed your great skills
  • Douglas: If you want to save the Asian Red Army faction that is still alive
  • Douglas: Stop David Black's gang!
  • Ritsuka: Keugh! I'll carry out that request. If my comrades are not all right...
  • Ritsuka: I will destroy you!
  • Douglas: Ooh! Such a spirit! I like it
  • Douglas: You'll have to complete the quest to make that wish come true!


Medal Name Description
Wormkiller l Extermination A medal awarded to those who defeated Narak 100 times.



  • Originally, this map boss arena is planned to set in day time but upon actual release, it changed to night time.