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Aegis Institute is an institute in Counter-Strike Online for zombie virus research.


The Counter-Terrorism Alliance establishes the Aegis Research Center to develop anti-zombie specialized weapons and research zombies.

  1. As Dr. Rex's continued research shows no signs of decreasing the number of zombies,
  2. The Counter-terrorism coalition decides that zombies can no longer be left unattended.
  3. The Counter-Terrorism Alliance establishes the Aegis Research Center to develop anti-zombie specialized weapons and research zombies, and also organizes a separate zombie extermination unit to declare war on zombies.
  4. The Aegis Research Institute is a group of excellent scientists from each country, and many researchers boasting not only scientific knowledge but also excellent knowledge in the field of weapons. They are making weapons for the Zombie Extermination Squadron, while trying to find a way to cure the Zombie Virus.
  5. Senior Researcher Ahn Soi is young, but has excellent weapon manufacturing capabilities. In particular, the anti-zombie special bullet that she is developing is expected to become a powerful firepower for the counter-terrorism coalition due to its overwhelming destructive power and penetrating power to zombies.
  6. Doctor A's identity is still shrouded in veil. But if it is true that she is secretly aiding the counter-terrorism coalition, people say, at least not an enemy.
  7. Since its inception, the Aegis Institute has maintained a neutral position among counter-terrorism and terrorists. This action laid the foundation for the two groups to carry out their missions together, and in particular , it showed a base for carrying out a large-scale joint operation using the close friendship of David Black of AFC and Gerard of PMC.

Special Missions (discontinued)[]

Our Aegis laboratory is conducting more studies on hero who did a great job defeating the zombies. As the horrible zombies have an ability to evolve, we also cannot ignore to study for improving hero's ability. However, it's troublesome as we don't have enough data from the actual battle. It will be very helpful for our study if you can bring us a data that related with hero in the battle field.

Task: Win a round for 3 times by playing as hero in Zombie Hero mode.

Morale boost effect is the one that led the great counter-attack from the horrible zombies. Our Aegis laboratory is analyzing the morale boost effect to prepare a way to annihilate the zombies in more efficient way. However, we have insufficient data to even continue! Can you help us with this? Go into their den and experience the morale boost, let us know how it is like!

Task: Gain 200% morale boost in Zombie Hero mode for 5 times.

Our Aegis laboratory’s goal is to annihilate all the zombies. However, our enemy, Vanguard Company has tried to steal necessary sample for their research purpose. They are the main reason for the invention of this airstrike device. Your mission is to coordinate an airstrike in the battlefield. If you deliver the coordinate, we will be able to activate the directed bombing device.

Task: Achieve 50 kills through airstrike in Human Scenario mode.

Zombie Scenario Season 2[]

1 Year after Lost City incident has been resolved, LS team has been assigned by Ahn Soi to find any remaining traces of Dr.Rex, however, the operation eventually turned out to be a hunting campaign after Dione being discovered, as LS team has to struggle of surviving endless wave of zombies and Dione eventual evolution, Delta team has been dispatched into an abandoned town filled of swamps in order to install supplies and Decoy-Z to lure out Dione, Alpha team on the other hand also joined operation area in the role of rear end support, however, Delta team has been attacked way earlier and Revenant has been discovered, after Alpha team has successfully defeated Revenant, they regrouped with LS team as Dione final hideout has been found, Ahn Soi also discovered Dione evolution using a self adaptation variant of zombie virus (Z-VIRUS) that also stregnthen other zombies. After its final evolution stage has been exposed, she named it Angra. As Angra has finally defeated by the combined effort of military teams, no trace of Rex are found. However, the emergence of zombies caused by a new virus was an opportunity to learn that Dr. Rex is not the only enemy of mankind.

Zombie Scenario Season 8 (Side story)[]

Zs defense2 cso


As Aegis Research Institute's secret communication base is discovered by Kronos Corporation, they begin to send in enemies such as a wave of zombies as well as mass produced AMP Suit to destroy it.


The Aegis Institute had developed these weapons to combat zombies:

BALROG Series[]

Main article: BALROG-VII
This machine gun holds 120 of 7.62mm AHE rounds for each magazine that developed at Aegis Institute, based on the M60E4. It will give a fatal damage to zombies as it is also equipped with the Balrog Charging System that causes explosions after continuous firing.

Main article: BALROG-V
This rifle is developed by Aegis Institute based on the G36C. BALROG-V holds 40 rounds of 5.56mm AHE ammunition for each magazine. It can deal high critical damage to zombies with Balrog Charging System equipped which increases the weapon's damage after consecutive firing on the same target.

Main article: BALROG-IX
This is a BALROG melee weapon developed by Aegis Laboratory. Its Balrog Charging System delivers critical explosion damage to zombies with the charging attack.

Main article: BALROG-I
This pistol is developed by Aegis Laboratory, based on the AMT AutoMag V, which holds 10 rounds for each round with .50AE AHE. It delivers critical damage to zombies as it equipped Balrog Charging System that creates strong explosion damage around the point of impact.

Main article: BALROG-III
This is a submachine gun based on the MP5 which holds 30 rounds of 9mm AHE, special bullets that were developed by the Aegis Laboratory. It continuously delivers critical damage to zombies as it is equipped with the Balrog Charging System which loads reserved bullets after 15 consecutive shots.

Main article: BALROG-XI
This is an auto shotgun that holds 7 rounds of 12G AHE developed by Aegis Laboratory, based on the XM1014. It is equipped with Balrog Charging System that can contain a special grenade after 4 consecutive fires. The grenade can create a widespread fire attack.

JANUS Series[]

Main article: JANUS-5
Well-developed by Aegis Institute which is based on the HK416 and fed with 30 rounds of 5.56 NATO and equipped with Janus Transformation System that can do unlimited fire mode after 50 hits to the zombies. The Janus form has greater firepower, accuracy, recoil and rate of fire.

JANUS7 icon
Main article: JANUS-7
JANUS- 7 is a modification of the MG3 machine gun with Janus Transformation System that was developed by Aegis Institute using 200 rounds of 7.62 NATO. In Janus form, it can give critical damage after certain shots.

Main article: JANUS-1
JANUS-1 is the modification of M79 Saw Off developed by Aegis Institute with the Janus Transformation System which uses 5 rounds of 40mm shells. Its Janus transformation can deal critical damage after certain shots.

Main article: JANUS-9
JANUS-9 is a blunt melee weapon with the Janus Transformation System developed by Aegis Institute. Its distinct Janus transformation can deal critical damage after certain shots.

Main article: JANUS-11
A pump action shotgun from Aegis Institute based on the UTS-15 with the Janus Transformation System, able to hold 15 rounds of 12 gauge shells. The Janus system can deal critical damage after certain shots.

Main article: JANUS-3
JANUS-3 is an SMG developed by Aegis Institute based on the Thompson M1928, using 50 rounds of .45 ACP. Its Janus Transformation System can unleash a barrage of unlimited rounds within a limited span of time.


Main article: THANATOS-7
This is an anti-zombie machine gun fed with 120 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It is developed by the Aegis Institute and based on the Belgian MK48. It is equipped with the Thanatos Blade System which can deal continuously high damage to multiple targets inside the blades' radius.

Main article: THANATOS-11
A pump-action shotgun developed by Aegis Institute based on the KSG-12 and fed with 15 rounds of 12 gauge. It is equipped with Thanatos Blade System which launches blades to the target, charging it up to create an explosion. The explosion splash also damage the nearby enemy.

Main article: THANATOS-9
This is a melee weapon developed by Aegis Institute in form of a scythe. It is incorporated with continuous separation technique that allows the user to perform a flurry of stabs whenever Thanatos Blade System is in use.

Main article: THANATOS-5
An assault rifle that fed with 30 rounds of 5.56 NATO, developed by Aegis Institute based on the OICW. Using a special grenade, it inflicts damage upon explosion by launching a number of blades subjected under Thanatos Blade System and split into several blades.

Main article: THANATOS-1
A pistol developed by Aegis Institute based on the AutoMag V and fed with 7 rounds of .50AE. It is equipped with Thanatos Blade System which launches a special projectile that can explode upon hitting a target, reduces the movement speed and inflicts fatal damage to the enemy.

Main article: THANATOS-3
A submachine gun developed by Aegis Institute based on the MP7A1 and fed with 60 rounds of 4.6×30mm. After firing a pre-determined number of rounds, the Thanatos Blade System will be unlocked to yield additional firepower through the generated blades.


Main article: VULCANUS-7
Developed by Aegis Institute based on the MK48, this machine gun is fed with 120 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It is applied with Vulcanus Parts System making it able to release laser trails which follow-through bullets along with a missile launcher to finish off multiple targets in a large area of effect.

Main article: VULCANUS-5
An assault rifle developed by Aegis Institute chambered with 40 rounds of Smart Bullet. It is equipped with a special scope that can lock-on target by using Vulcanus Parts System.

Main article: VULCANUS-9
A special sword developed by Aegis Institute and applied with Vulcanus Parts System. When the gas line parts are activated, it can deal tremendous damage to enemies.

Main article: VULCANUS-11
This is an automatic shotgun developed by Aegis Institute based on the SPAS-12 and fed with 8 rounds of 12 gauge. It is equipped with Vulcanus Parts System which delivers the currently loaded shells through an upright barrage upon use.

Main article: VULCANUS-1
An akimbo pistol developed by Aegis Institute based on the M1911 A1 and fed with 16 rounds of .45 ACP. It equipped with Vulcanus Parts System that allows the guns to expand the muzzle and fire 4 rounds at a time. The B mode has a slight knockback power to zombies.

Main article: VULCANUS-3
A submachine gun developed by Aegis Institute based on the Kriss Super V and fed with 45 rounds of .45 ACP. It is equipped with Vulcanus Parts System that allows the gun to expand up to 4 muzzles, after firing a certain number of rounds. The extra muzzles will disappear if stop shooting.

Tiamat Series[]

Main article: Plasma Rifle MK-1
A prototype weapon being tested based on Plasma Gun. It is an assault rifle that uses 60 plasma energy. Right click to zoom the weapon.

Main article: Plasma Rifle MK-2
Based on the Plasma Gun, it is the second prototype that was being tested, and the power was further enhanced. It is an assault rifle that uses 60 plasma energy and attached with a holographic sight for zooming.

Main article: Tiamat MK-3
A fully tested weapon based on the Plasma Gun. It is an assault rifle that fires 70 rounds of plasma energy. It is capable of firing a highly destructive attack using highly concentrated energy.

Main article: Tiamat MK-4
The final model of the Tiamat Project, developed based on the Plasma Gun. It is an assault rifle that fires 80 rounds of plasma energy. It becomes more powerful with continuous fire. It is capable of using a shockwave attack that knocks back enemies, as well as a condensed plasma rounds.

IGNITE Series[]

Main article: IGNITE-7

This is the latest work from the Aegis Lab. It uses a split magazine and Ignite system to quickly counter multiple enemies.

Ignite Force: Consumes special bullets to attack enemies within the range, and gradually becomes stronger as the attack continues.

Main article: IGNITE-10

This is the latest work from the Aegis Lab. You can use the Ignite system to quickly counter multiple enemies.

Ignite Blast: Right-click to explode instantly, dealing damage to enemies in front and reducing their movement speed for a certain period of time.



A weapon specialized for hunting zombies produced by the Aegis Lab. After the projectile flies through a certain distance, it returns to the user again. At this time, if the Astra is still out when it returned, the projectile is recovered; otherwise, it will be destroyed. Projectiles can be fired one more time before being retrieved. Scoring a headshot deals prolonged damage and also strikes nearby enemies


Gigantic Drill[]

A customizable weapon for the Magnum Drill. It pours out 50 4-gauge shotgun bullets or pierces and crushes the enemy using the 2nd mode giant drill. Equipped as a main weapon, the knockback effect is in Zombie and Scenario modes only.

Demolition hammer

Demolition Hammer[]

A melee weapon for close combat made using the technology of the Aegis Research Lab. As a huge two-handed hammer, you can feel its heaviness just by holding it. When the gauge is recharged, a powerful slashing attack and follow-up hits using a steel poles are possible.

Known characters[]

Main article: Soy
A senior researcher who founds Aegis Institute to fight the zombies. She has excellent weapon capability and has a history of participating in the Dr. Rex Super Soldier Program for her PhD Research Project.

Walter icon
Main article: Walter
A mercenary belongs to Aegis Institute. He is a former member of the Special Forces. Not much is known about why he became a mercenary. It hasn't been long since he joined the Aegis Institute, but his operation performance is rated as the best.

Vngirl icon
Main article: Ha Ly
Ha Ly was born in Vietnam, she is an excellent scientist and outstanding personal combatant in the anti-zombie researching in Aegis Institute. Based on her experience, Ha Ly has joined the battlefield directly in order to secure a high level of researching data.

Main article: Dr. Han
She looks like a researcher, but she is responsible for the security of Aegis Institute. Although the institute trusts her because of her outstanding skills, no one knows about her other side.

Bosshp bg left grasshopper
Main article: Laser Wing
He is known to be collaborated with Soi due to him being the only zombie with human conscious remains, however, hes seem to be disobedient and shows hostility instead by attacking Jennifer crew, this caused Soi to send Jack just to have him sniped down Laser Wing before he was eventually being convinced by Jennifer

Bosshp bg left zombiejack
Main article: Jack
He is known to also collaborated with Soi as she orders him to find Jennifer, however, it turned out to be a mess as Jack sniped down Laser Wing and wanted to kill Jennifer for leaving him behind in the past and disobeys Soi orders, his death also triggers Jennifer anger and her discovery to the truth that leads to her revenge on those who are behind his mutation.

Super solider jennifer icon
Main article: Super Soldier Jennifer
A former reporter who sneaks into a research facility to cover the secretly proceeding Super Soldier project. After she escaped, she spent painful days suffering from the side effects of the experiment while investigating the back of Kronos, but after meeting Soi, she learned the reality of the Super Soldier Project and is working with Aegis Institute.

Leader soi icon
Main article: Leader Soi
Soi, who completed college at a young age, studied the Super Soldier Project as a former assistant to Dr. Rex, but is currently working as a leader of the Aegis Institute to prevent the brutality of Kronos, the power behind the zombie outbreak. Although inexperienced in field activities, she sometimes go directly to the battlefield to take responsibility as a leader.


Aegis Institute has classified several interesting zombies after the first encounter.

Deimos2 gfx
Main article: Ganymede
It has been classified as Siege Type Deimos according to Aegis laboratory and it is called Ganymede. Ganymede is very threatening as it has a strong HP and agility to attack human. Besides, he can pass through bullets easily. It also has the skill to rush towards enemy with a very fast speed.

Main article: Frozen Terror's Mane
Dr. Rex secret project's the first experimental object, Frozen Terror's bloody mane. It sent to the Aegis Laboratory to find out the reason why the power was amplified.

Main article: Gluttony's Tongue
A mutated Savaging Gluttony's tongue that created from Dr. Rex's secret project laboratory waste facility. It has been sent to the Aegis laboratory to find out the reason behind mutation.


  • Aegis is actually the shield, buckler or breastplate of the Greek gods Athena or Zeus. It is rumored to be able to withstand anything.
  • Super Soldier Jennifer is the only known personel that is using weapon and equipments from the enemy.