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Agent B is the the boss that appears across Zombie Scenario: Season 7.


One of Douglas Jacob personal super soldier, deployed amid David Black and Erica venture, he is known to be a master of explosives and strategy, who set up traps across the mall with bombs blockade.

He also went after Jim and Carlito crew in another Isolated mall in Lost City after the failure of David Black elimination.

Known appearances[]


  • Explosive Punch: Agent B punch with a straight line explosion
  • Ground Slam: Agent B slam the ground with his fist to cause an area wide explosion
  • Throwing Bombs: Agent B will throw bombs, an red indicator on the ground will appear as its dropping location
  • Rolling Bombs: Agent B will deploy a rolling bomb that explodes continuously
  • Plant C4: Agent B will plant C4 to destroy specified platforms, can be defused
  • Bombs Gallore: Agent B will run into the center of the field and throw as many bomb as he can
  • Mines: Same to Throwing Bombs but leaves mine that gives high knockback upon contact


  • Agent B appearance and behavior resembles Junkrat from Overwatch.
  • He is probably the evolved creation from Blotter Zombie.