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Agent C is the the boss that appeared in Obstacle.


One of Douglas Jacob personal super soldier, deployed to attack Aegis Institute after past numerous failed attempts led to Kronos being exposed to the world. He wears a red suit that covers his entire body, known to be one of successful result of Super Soldier project that Dr. Rex had long expected back in his lifetime due to him having his conscious and communication retained.


  • Melee Attack: Agent C will run toward a player and slash with his shield
  • Firing Minigun: Agent C will fire a minigun on a single target, slows that target down upon hit
  • Heat Wave: When reaching 70% of his remaining HP, he will jump to the center, grant invincibility by heating up his armor, and unleash a heat wave on front
  • Electrical Trap: Agent C will fire multiple projectile airbone, when dropped, it install an electrical trap that damage players when stepped on
  • Skyward Bomb: Agent C will fire multiple bombs upward, when drops down, leaves burning tile that slows player
  • Guided Bomb: Agent C will fire multiple guided bombs that flies slowly toward a single player, self destruct on certain time limit
  • Hyper-Defensive Mechanism: Agent C will heat up his armor and activate anti-damage barrier, at this state, he becomes completely stationary but immune to damage, and perform common attacks such as Skyward Bomb, Electrical Trap or Guided Bomb. You can break his barrier by using your own weapons, the status of his barrier changes between [Green]-[Orange]-[Red], if his barrier successfully broken, he will enter vulnerable state. If failed to break the barrier, he will enter invincibility state, detonate his shield to blast a heat wave that instant kill everyone in the area, you can use one of 4 available radios to activate a barrier to block the heat wave.


Boss theme


  • Agent C suit resembles red Tanker from Metal Arena
  • This is one of super soldier that appears to be one of successful result without zombie mutation consequence by the inheritance of Douglas Jacob
  • The boss theme shared with Agent H and Hippomenes (The Anger of Ritsuka) although they have no relation to each other.