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Time to call the exterminator, Agent H! GO WILD!

Agent H is the the boss that appeared in Upcoming Threat.


One of Douglas Jacob personal super soldier, deployed along with Agent Ritsuka as a new form of brute force to eliminate David Black crew and withstand advanced weaponry.


First encounter
  • Focused Fire: Agent H will fire a load of explosives from his hand cannon in close quarter forward
  • Aerial Fire: Agent H will fire a widespread of explosive across the field
  • Rush Slam: Agent H will rush and slam toward the target
Second encounter
  • Energy Slash: Agent H will slash forward with energy wave
  • Charged Slam: Agent H will charge forward with a slam
  • Electrical Discharge: Agent H will discharge a wave of electric field around him on the ground
  • Guided Missiles: Agent H will hover up airborne and fire guided missiles towards a player (an arrow indicator is available above targeted player head)
  • Ground Slam: After finishing Guided Missiles, Agent H will perform a ground slam, making him go back to surface
  • Emergency Barrier: Automatically activates when too much damage taken
  • Continuous Slash: Agent H will chase down and continuously slash the target in close quarter


Boss theme


  • This is the second boss to have more than one form after Kraken.