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Alice is a Metal Arena character in Counter-Strike Online. However, this character also can be used in other modes.


Alice is an American political family's daughter who is training to be a field medic when she grows up. Though Alice does not belong to any faction, she chooses to help the losing faction. She is also known to hate war as she hopes that war will one day be terminated.

In Metal Arena, Alice belongs to the support class which uses light machine guns such as the QBB-95, HK 23E and MG36. In other modes, she can use any weapons and can freely join the Counter-Terrorists or the Terrorists.

Zombie Scenario Stats[]



These following weapons can be used by Alice in Metal Arena Mode:


Icon Name Effect Cooldown
Alice Heal NHP: Heal Recovers 50% of total HP including surrounding allies. 15 Seconds
Alice Totem NHP: Spiritual Increases attack power and defense including surrounding allies, healing radius and power increases significantly. 30 Seconds
Auto Guard Auto Guard Recovers health and increases defense when player receives a critical hit or a headshot. Passive
Alice Hide Optical Concealment Alice becomes half-invisible and recovers HP slowly. Movement speed will be increased significantly. Attacking or using skills will interrupt the invisibility. 35 Seconds


Level Strength Attack Power (%)
1 400 70
2 450 88
3 500 106
4 550 124
5 600 142
6 650 160
7 700 178
8 750 196
9 800 214
10 850 232
11 900 250
12 950 268
13 1000 286
14 1050 304
15 1100 322
16 1150 340
17 1200 358
18 1250 376

Release date[]

This character was released alongside Metal Arena on:

  • Turkey: 3 September 2014.

This character was released through events on:

  • Indonesia: 3 August 2015.


She has blonde hair, And light blue eyes

She wore either blue or red metal arena armor with a withe cross on it's chest and hand area, It also has a bunny logo on it's left arm area, And a cylinder on the back, possibly containing medicine.



  • Alice's hand models are different from average players, except in Metal Arena.
  • There is an alternative version of this model which is exclusive to Counter-Terrorist.
  • This is the first character that has double affiliation for both CT and TR. The second is Jin Se-yeon.
  • Despite being featured in several posters wielding Science Fiction weapons, Alice cannot equip either in Metal Arena.
  • This character is not available in regions that did not patch in Metal Arena. However, she can still be obtained through certain events, depending on the region.
  • In the latest update of VIP system, Alice can be obtained with the [VVIP] status.