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All In One box is an item in Counter-Strike Online


This is an item allows you to win up to epic weapons such as Quantum Horizon, Void Avenger, Supreme Sentinel, or rotation group Transcendent Weapon, Classes or fixed duration (30 Days) Transcendent Weapon, Classes and Enhancement/Parts applied weapons

Upon reaching 600 box milestone opened, you can select one of those following: Quantum Horizon, Supreme Sentinel, Void Avenger, Rotation Group Weapons and Classes.

Unused All-In-One box will be removed on maintenance time of January 4th 2023 (Korea region) and 15 Mileages will be returned per unit

Release date[]

  • South Korea - 30 November 2023

Available items[]


  • This item is known to be alike Epic Decoder with the price and probability halved.
  • If you opened all 600 box, the item selection window will pops up first before the box open result, which cause an issue of unable to see what item you got untill you selected the items from the menu and the window is closed.